2 Nov 2012

I'm still here! :)

I am still here and stitching! :) I haven't blogged for a while though, mostly cause I have been busy elsewhere and I think I also didn't have much to blog about until now.

I have couple finishes! Yay for that :)

This one is my part of the RR which's theme was "Newton's Law". I do like NL however this one cause me lots of headache lol. I wasn't happy with the colours as I don't have Anchor but DMC so I had to use DMC and it's really not the same using those.. So I changed the colours and started stitching. Didn't look too good. So I frogged it all. I tried other colours.. I wasn't happy again, so more frogging. Finally I decided to use the DMC colours given on the chart. It looks ok,but I am not completely happy with it. The two browns used on the teddy are too close to each other. Both colours are also a bit too close to the colour of the fabric. Also cause I was already annoyed cause of the problems with the colours, the backstitching caused more headache :P I usually like backstitching a lot, but here the stitches go through the cross stitches, are only half a stitch long etc. Pain, at least now. But I was able to finish it and it looks ok :)

Next one is teacups (RR) and I am really enjoying stitching it.

I also participated an exchange. It was Halloween themed. Even though we Finns really don't celebrate Halloween, I still kinda like all those nice patterns with pumkins and stuff. Also as my fiancé is English, and English do have such a thing as Halloween, there's now a very good reason for me to start stitching those nice patterns! ;)

Here's what I stitched for my partner.

I really love this! I must stitch for myself as well. The pattern is from a magazine (World of Cross Stitching) and it's by Joan Elliott. I love her designs, eps smaller ones, not huge fan of the fairies and such.

I have been stitching a bit of my "laptop"-project too. I have this next to my laptop, so whenever I am having a boring moment on WoW, I can stitch this. As you can see, not many boring moments so far..

I have been able to put few stitches on my UFO too. I joined a group on Facebook, which is dedicated to UFO's. The stitching day is every Wednesday.

Finally, a pic of my shopping! I bought two kits from Dimensions. I love them both and I wish to have them finished before Christmas! Good luck to me :P Both kits have a word "Joy" and I have a thing for kits/patterns which include that word ;)

So as mentioned earlier, at the moment I am stitching a teacup for the next round robin piece. After that it's cows and that will be the last piece! I should get my wild animals home at the end of the month :)

Have a lovely November everyone and hopefully, I will blog again soon :)

23 Sep 2012

A very old UFO and a small CJC2012 piece

I have to many WIPs and UFOs. When I wanna stitch, I spent lots of time to decide what to stitch! Esp. if the piece I wanna stitch is a no. I wanted to stitch the autumn by Bent Creek but I noticed I am missing two colours! The list says I do have them both, but I can't find them.. So, I can't stitch and finish that piece now. But I did NEED a small piece.. wonder why?

Well, as some of you might know, I play World of Warcraft. I have been leveling my priest's profession: Archaeology. Now that's something that is quite boring! Most of the time you are just flying from place A to place B and again to place C and A :P So, while I was doing this, flying around, I was checking Facebook and newspapers etc. Until I realised something.. I should stitch while I am flying! Ha! So I needed a small project next to my laptop which I could pick up when I am having a boring moment on WoW (flying, waiting for an instance group etc.) I chose one of my CJC pieces: Snowman 10 by Lizzie Kate :) Yay! I am multitasking!  I haven't stitched really much yet, but at least something.

I LOVE L*K patterns! They are nice and small and yet, so colourful :) After I have finished this, I will choose another Lizzie Kate as my laptop project lol.

Let's talk about that old UFO. When I had started stitching back in.. 2003/4 (I can't remember when that happened, I THINK it was in 2004, at least my oldest Cross Stitcher-magazine is from that year) I saw Dimensions' kits somewhere. I fell in love! I ordered one and started it right away. However.. uhm.. I think I chose a bit too big project! And challening too! I soon got tired of it as it doesn't only use cross stitches or even half stitches, but also half stitches on four strands, when 1 strand is colour A and 3 strands are colour B. So, I gave up and it's been an UFO for a looong time now. I pick it up every now and then and do few stitches but for some reason, I always put it away after some time. But now I am not gonna do that! I will keep it in the living room, somewhere where I can always see it and it screams my name! Maybe one day, I am able to finish it. And when I do, I will have a giveaway! :D Don't hold your breath though..

Here's how it looks at the moment. Oh and the kit is called "Southwest Mesa"

Look at these lovely colours!

It should look like this when finished.

Lots to do, lots to do.. But I do enjoy it now :)

Also! I did some shopping few days ago.. From Dimensions again. I ordered two ornament kits which I plan to finish before Christmas. Wish me luck! I will post a pic of them when they arrive, they were mailed on Friday, whooo!!!

19 Sep 2012

TUSAL and update on autumn

Here's my update on both TUSAL (read more about it on my TUSAL-page on the right) and my "Signs of Autumn" by Bent Creek.

And here's the autumn-project. I haven't been stitching that much lately, that's why it's not finished yet even though it is rather small. I have been playing WoW a lot lately as the new expansion comes out next week! EEEK, exciting :))

I stitched the apples with DMC variagated (or however you write that word, never seem to get it right lol). It might be a bit too dark though.. I would like to stitch the pumpkin with an orange variegated too, but that I do need to buy first. Hmm maybe I should finish this today before I start watching CSI. So I could stitch something else again. Like my part of the Newton's Law- round robin! Almost forgot that :/ But soon I NEED to start stitching something christmassy ^^

12 Sep 2012

Anything but a card - Challenge one

I was thinking for quite some time what to do for the Anything but a card-challenge. As the first challenge was: anything goes! So I could do anything! I finally decided to make this little box. I could storage some tea there. The box template is actually from a teabox by Lipton.

Here's a pic of it :)

I am happy how it turned out. However, I might do little something on the cover, not sure yet. Need to let it be for few days and see if I still think that way.

3 Sep 2012

Signs of Autumn - Bent Creek

Here's what I started yesterday. I didn't stitch that much, but it's a start! I am even sure I will finish it today or tomorrow. It's a small, nice chart of Autumn :)

I used DMC as I don't have any other threads. One of these days when I place another order on 123stitch I should buy some specialty threads. I wanna try them too! Well I have tried them, I once got two nice specialty threads as a gift. Pink and purple. I did try them both and I liked them :)

Anyways, here's the pic! The fabric is 28ct Jobelan (Cameo).

I was watching a new series yesterday. It's called "Alcatraz". It was really interesting. I had to check it from imdb and I noticed there's only one season and it seems there won't be more :( I hate when this happens with series I seem to like! I liked FlashForward a lot and they only made one season cause it didn't have enough people watching it. Also, one of the best series ever, Firefly only had like 13 episodes. That was really, really sad.. >:(

On saturday I was baking! I made some bread and buns. Bread is already gone! I liked it a lot, so I ate it all. I think I might bake more on wednesday, perhaps. Buns are good too, but I try not to eat too much of them as I don't want to get fat. I just managed to lose 3kgs! lol

Back to stitching now oh and I need to craft somehting nice today for the "Anything but a card"-challenge. The theme now is: Anything goes! Can't wait :))

2 Sep 2012

It's September!

It's already September. I love autumn, all those colours! Even though it's getting darker and colder after summer, I don't mind. The colours cheer me up :) Plus I don't mind cold, I love winter and snow and Christmas!!! So yay! :)

However.. I went through my WIPs and UFOs as I wanted to stitch something autumn-related. I couldn't find anything! Ok, the witch kinda fits the theme, but it doesn't have those nice orange and brown colours! I am almost done with her and I know very well that I said I won't start anything new before I have finished at least four CJC projects. But I MUST start something. I need to stitch something that goes with my mood. I don't feel like stitching flowers or snow (not just yet) or whatever I have on my WIPs (lol). So.. I am sorry, everyone and myself too, I must start an autumn-themed project. Nothing big though. I want to finish it qite quickly so I won't feel too bad cause of a new start. I already know a pattern or two from my stash that I could start.. *giggles*

Now we all know just how bad I am. Yup.. but hey! I wanna enjoy stitching (and mostly I do enjoy it a lot) and now I feel like stitching with oranges and browns so let's do it! Rather than stitching something else and thinking about what I'd rather stitch at the moment.

I'll post pics as soon as I have something to show.

Have a lovely September everyone! :)

31 Aug 2012

Anything But a Card - blog

I found an interesting blog today. Here's the link..


As the name says: Anything but a card. They have bi-weekly challenges to encourage people to craft things, but no cards! :) I am looking forward it. They do have a giveaway there now as well.

I am curious how it's gonna go. I do all kind of crafts. I love to make cards but other things too so I am really looking forward this! I want to try different things and can't wait what I can come up with and what other people will craft, too!

Yay :)

29 Aug 2012

Round Robin - birds

Here's my part of Jaana's round robin. Her theme was birds. I loved her theme and I was actually considering it as well, but chose wild animals instead.

I stitched a bullfinch (punatulkku) which is one of my favourite birds. I love those little cuties :)

Next I can continue with the witch. But not today. Today I need to do lots of cleaning.. I just hate washing the dishes! Ugh.. But as there's no one else to do it, I have to. But more stitching tomorrow! :)

25 Aug 2012

TUSAL august


I know I am late with the TUSAL update. You can read more about TUSAL from the page I made for it on the right side.

Here's my jar. It's been eating quite nicely this time :)

15 Aug 2012

the Witch

I have made some progress on the Witch again. It feels so great to stitch again! I am really enjoying stitching her. I love the bright colours and the fabric is awesome too. After finishing this I would love to stitch another JE design, but I am not allowed to start anything before finishing those four CJC projects. Oh well, I will live :)

13 Aug 2012

I have done something, whooo!!


I've been bad and I haven't updated my blog for ages now.

My fiance was here and I also had a cold! Ugh.. I actually still have it, but getting better. Nose is not running 24/7 anymore, thank God!

Here's a picture of my part of Kaisa's Kitchen RR (round robin). I loved the colours on this one so that's why I chose this pattern.

Next theme is birds and I have already started stitching it. No pics of it yet though :)

I've also stitched my little Witch a bit. I hope to finish it soon as well.

My back is a lot better now, yay!! It's not 100% yet but getting there, soon I hope :) I hope everyone is doing well and you've been stitching a lot! I'll continue stitching the Witch today while watching tv. After my evening walk :)

27 Jul 2012

Wedding card

Another card that I made for my cousin. Not for the same one though. This time I made a wedding card for my dear cousin. She was a such a beatiful bride!

On the inside it looked like this, before my mum attached a poem (inside the oval).

I also stamped a nice picture of hearts growing on pots inside the card. I stamped it with clear ink which I embossed with silver embossingpowder. I like this card a lot :)

17 Jul 2012

Card for my cousin

My mum asked me to make a card for my cousin's Confirmation. I had no idea what kind of card I should make and I didn't have anything religious that I could use for it.. So I decided to make a card with flowers as those are good for anything :) Colours suit for a guy and it's not too colourful. Me likes :) Mum liked too, don't know about the cousin lol

I should go through the pics I took during our trip to see those two churches and shopping trip on Ikea and Ideapark. I have been lazy.. I've been thinking about stitching a lot though even though I haven't stitched :D I would LOVE to get the Lizzie Kate Mystery sampler.. I have seen how the part one looks and I like it.

I have also made couple small designs myself. I need to re-check the colours and stitch it to see if it's any good. Not yet though, I need to finish four CJC-pieces! No, I didn't forget that ;)

I should buy white evenweave (Jobelan, mostly) so I could do some dyeing again. I bought dark colour as I would like to dye a piece for Mirabilia's Archangel and brown will be perfect for him :) Soon, maybe!

12 Jul 2012

UFO update and RR

I forgot to post an update of the UFO I am supposed to be stitching! I said supposed to as I haven't been feeling well enough to do lots of stitching. Few stitches here and there.

I was able to stitch the light green area on the left and couple rows of brown on the bottom.

I didn't finish my part of my own round robin. Mostly cause of my back problems but also cause I didn't expect the lines I stitched to take so long! I even miscalculated.. lol, ofcourse. The fabric is "Barely Bronzed" by Sparklies. My theme is wild animals, so I chose brown colour for the frame.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures from a little trip I made with my mum last week. We like to go to see churches here in Finland. I took lots of pics of the two churches we went to see. I LOVED the first one we saw.. We also went to Ikea and Ideapark (big shopping centre) and I bought some scrapbooking mats! :) More about them tomorrow. :)

28 Jun 2012

Stitching and decisions

Hello everyone! :)

I hope everyone is having a great time.

I'm still stitching my part of my own round robin. I am missing two colours (eek!) and not sure if I will get them on time. As the mailing day is next monday. Oh well, I need to finish my stitching when it arrives back home after six months.

While I was having a walk earlier today, I was thinking about my stitching. I was thinking my WIPs and UFOs and patterns that I would like to stitch. The list was HUGE! So I made a decision. I am NOT gonna start any new designs before I have finished at least four (4) CJC-projects. Yup.. Wish me luck and strenght! I really need to finish something instead of just starting new ones. I had that problem before I had a break from stitching. I just kept starting and starting new ones and not finishing much..Ofcourse I do need to start new ones for the round robin, but that's fine as I do need to do my share! :D

I made a list of four stitchings that I will finish before any new ones:

1. Daisy Lane Cottage by Little House Needleworks
2. Snowman by Lizzie Kate
3. Trick or treat by Joan Elliott
4. The Snowcapped trees (forgot the designer, need to check it later)

Pictures of these can be seen on my CJC2012-page.

I really hope I manage to finish these and not to start anything new. However, I can and will stitch other WIPs and UFOs too, esp. Mirabilia's "the Scent of Old Roses" as I joined a UFO challenge (on a Finnish blog), where we are supposed to finish one UFO before 30th December. We'll make a blog post of our progress every month, I think usually 30th day of the month. I have done little progress on her already :)

Next January I will join CJC again. Yes, I am crazy! :D However, I will only choose small patterns which I am able to stitch rather quickly. So that I can continue with this year's crazies and I can keep stitching other things too :)

21 Jun 2012

Milly's giveaway

Milly is having a giveaway on her blog, here:


(why it has fi at the end? is the link working ok?)

She made an awesome Bunny who is looking for a new home! It's so cute, you NEED to check it and enter the giveaway as well :) It's also one of my favourite blogs.

Amazing mailday :)

Hello everyone!

It was the last mailday this week, before Midsummer. I was expecting to get something but not all of these!

First, I bought two Little House Needleworks-patterns from a Facebook group where people can sell their unwanted stitching stuff (Finnish group). I got them today and whooo, I really love them both! They are "Bookshelf" and "Little House Neighborhood". I need to buy some nice coloured fabric though (or dye myself!) as I don't seem to have anything that would work with these. Or maybe my "bone" Jobelan could work.. Hmm..

I also got my order from Needlecraft Corner. Again some Little House Needleworks-patterns as well as three patterns by Country Cottage Needleworks and Lizzie Kate. LHN patterns are "Music and books" and "Home of a Needleworker". CCN patterns are: "Party Cakes", "Bee Joyful" and "Sheep in the meadonw". Lizzie Kate patterns are "Live Simply", "A bit of March" and "Welcome baby".

I also got my FOM from Sparklies yesterday. Here's a pic of the two fabrics that I got. The blue one is "Before the storm" and the light grey is "BST". I am not huge fan of the light grey one though.. It's kinda nice as it will work with lots of different patterns as it's light coloured. But then again it looks almost white. The blue one is really nice though :)

I got damn nice mail today (and yesterday too) but I also bought the newest Maxxina today. It didn't have as many must stitch-patterns this time, but some nice ones, still.

Oh and my amazing fiancé sent me two magaznes, too! I didn't expect these as I didn't know he had sent them to me <3 I was really happy to get them as we don't have these magazines here in Finland and I do like the Queen :))

I actually started to stitch some Jubilee stitching but as I have problems with my back every now and then (a lot sometimes) I can't always stitch as much as I want or not at all :/ meh..

I am not gonna buy anything else this month! Cause I also bought this today.. *giggles*

Fitfh season of Bones! I haven't seen it yet so I am really excited. I miss Booth and Brennan already, it's been ages since I saw season 4.

I am gonna watch an episode of Bones now, or maybe even two. After that I need to cook and hopefully, I could do some stitching today too! My back feels a bit better now. I also need to go out to have a walk today, my back loves it :)

Have a lovely day everyone *hugs*

20 Jun 2012

Thoeria's giveaway

Thoeria is having a nice scrapbook-themed giveaway. So everyone who's interested of winning a digital scrapbook software, go here:


Good luck everyone! :)

19 Jun 2012

TUSAL 19th June

I missed last month's TUSAL (see the TUSAL-page of mine if you wanna know more about this) but oh well.. I was busy :)

It seems my jar has been eating more lately. It has. Mostly before May or during the May actually. My jar looks happy :)

10 Jun 2012

McKenna is having a mystery giveaway!

One of my favourite blogs is having a giveaway! :)

Here's a link to her blog.


Good luck everyone and Happy Blogoversary, McKenna!

9 Jun 2012

Fabric dyeing

I wanted to dye some fabric again. Sadly I only had some 14ct cream aida and only one tiny piece of Jobelan. But it didn't stop me!

The colours are not exactly true, most colours look darker in pictures and not as bright as they are. Although one colour looked a lot lighter in pics.. hmm.. First I played with blue and lilac colours. Here are the results.

This fabric was 14ct cream aida (about 17x20), It's blue with lilac areas here and there. I like it a lot! :) I wanna stitch something on it, right now!

I also dyed some small pieces.

This one is actually a bit darker colour in real. I like it, even though I didn't mean to have those light spots.

Two tiny pieces, again they are darker in real.  I used same blue and lilac colours on all these, just changed the amount of colour and combinations :)

Next I tried red. First on a small piece.

Now this picture is BAD! It's not this pink, it's more like a peach coloured. I liked it a lot, so wanted to dye a bigger piece which would be the same colour.

No. It's not the same colour :D This picture is actually very close to the real colour. Even though it's not what I was after, I do like it a lot and I already know what I am gonna stitch on it! You'll see later ;)

The next day I wanted to try green! I love green and esp. on fabrics. I had two 20x22 pieces of 14ct cream aida and one piece of antique white jobelan (28ct, 13x18). Results..

Me likes! NO! Me loves!! The colour is more to a lime green. It's not this dark. No matter what I did, I couldn't take a pic which would show the real colour :( However, it looks damn nice in real and I can't wait to stitch something on this/these!

Here's the second one. They look almost the same. I dyed the Jobelan last and the amount of colour is the same on it, however, it is a bit brigter and darker in colour than aida. I love it and I wanna stitch a pixie on it :) Hmm.. then again, not sure if the fabric is big enough?

I love those greens! It's such a shame you can't see the real colour. I think I try to take a new pics later as I would like you to see how bright the colours are!

I wanna buy more white fabric so I can dye more. I also need to get brown dye as I need brown fabric for Mirabilia's Archangel. And brown is another favourite colour of mine :)

1 Jun 2012

Giveaway on another blog :)

Here's a giveaway which is gonna close today. I only found it now, but you still have time to enter it :) Good luck everyone!

28 May 2012

Sooo tired..

Hello there!

I am still alive even though I haven't updated my blog in few days.. weeks..?
I haven't done any stitching in past two weeks or so. My fiance was here for 10 days so I didn't do any stitching, however, I was thinking about stitches every now and then. And I was thinking about stitching a lot when I was driving back home from the airport :D

I didn't stitch yet though and not sure if I am gonna as I am so tired! ZzzZzzZzz.. I guess I need to keep thinking about stitching until tomorrow. Or I might go through my magazines to find a pattern for my round robin. I chose wild animals as a theme. Yay! :)

Now I need to watch Survivors and maybe, if I don't fall asleep soon, I might play some Diablo 3 in the evening.

I hope everyone is doing great and having fun stitching :)

17 May 2012

I joined a Round Robin

I joined a Round Robin this week! I haven't done those for years now so it's really nice to be part of one again.

There's five of us and everyone will stitch a piece which is max 60x60 stitches. We all have our own themes. I am not 100% sure of my theme yet. I do have three options and I was thinking having them all so it would be easier for others to find patterns and to stitch what they enjoy stitching. However.. not sure if I should have just one or two instead.

First I was thinking about Joan Elliott. Then I started to think about love-theme cause of my engagement last month <3 and also England as a theme cause my fiancé is english. Choices, choices..

I think I'll go through my magazines (again!) to see what I will find. Oh and also need to decide the fabric/s. Maybe the fabric is gonna decide what I will stitch on it!

14 May 2012

Silkweaver FOTM arrived

Today I got my second shipment from Silkweavers. It was 28ct Lugana, "Iris Garden". I do love the colours but I am not huge fan of this. I don't like how mottled their fabrics are. I prefer more subtle dyeing. So I sent them email, again, about canceling my FOTM. I hope this time it also works.. lol

Now I need to find another FOTM that I wanna join. It's gonna be either Polstitches or Sparklies. Not sure yet :)

Mother's Day gift

I finished only one gift for my mother. I was planning to stitch two but as I couldn't find the perfect frames I chose to do just one instead. I was trying to find frames for ages but no luck! I needed a square frame and it was impossible to find square frames. I don't live in a huge city but yet, we do have lots of shops here but none of them had square frames.

But.. then the day before Mother's day I went to my parents. I found some frames from there which I bought like 8 years ago. And there were TWO square frames that were PERFECT! I was so happy! I framed the stitching and decided to do the 2nd one later. Here's a picture of it.

I haven't started stitching the second one just yet. I would like to continue stitching the cranes now.

9 May 2012

Busy week!

I don't have any pictures to show. I realised yesterday that it's Mother's day on Sunday and I have nothing to give to my mum! So I started stitching little something yesterday and I am gonna continue today. I should get it/them finished on time. I just hope I will find perfect frames for them, too!

On Monday I finally got a mail from BookDepository. I got a lovely book full of animal patterns. The book is "Mother and baby animals" by Pollyanna Pickering. There's so many patterns that I wanna start right now.

I've bee playing WoW too lately. I am trying to replace my pve tanking gear to pvp healing gear. Not easy as I have some pieces of healing gear and some tanking and I try to heal in battlegrounds. I do get some healing done, however, I do die damn easily. Also I am not that familiar with paladin healing yet. I always did pvp with my priest and shaman, both healers. But we plan to have a awesome arena team (again) with my fiancee, him being a DK and me a holy pala. We might form a 3ve team too with his friend who also happens to be a DK.

If you didn't understand anything about the WoW part, don't worry. Most people don't! :D But I wanted to write a bit about it as well as I do love playing WoW and maybe latern Diablo as well!

3 May 2012

Travelling pattern

I was reading a blog few days ago and she had a travelling pattern on her hands. I understood that there's a pattern that travels and everyone should stitch it more or less quickly so the pattern can be sent to the next person on the list. But how does it work? How do you start one? How do you join one? Can you join a travelling pattern when it's travelling or do you have to sign up for it before it leaves home? Will the original owner get the pattern back one day? Questions, questions.. Anyone knows more about this..? :)

1 May 2012

Oriental cranes

After I received my fabric from Polstitches I got the urge to start something new. I really love the fabric as it's so soft! Colours are lovely too. So I decided to go through my stitching magazines to find something nice for "Heavens above" or "Rain forest". After a while I found a chart by Joan Elliott which I have been wanting to stitch for years now. And "Heavens above" is just PERFECT for that pattern. yay!

So I started to stitch "Oriental cranes" by Joan Elliott last week. Its from Cross Stitcher (UK) and issue is.. 178. I haven't stitched that much as A) I am a slow stitcher and B) the day after I started it I had to go away for a weekend. Went to see my friends whom I haven't seen for months so it was worth it. I had such a great time with them, as always :)

I read from the magazine that two cranes represent long marriage. Ah, how I loved that as.. *drums* I got engaged earlier this month!! How exciting! <3 So this one is gonna be perfect! :)

I started by stitching the bamboo frames first. I really enjoy stitching this as the fabric is so, so soft! I can't believe how nice it is to stitch. I will definately buy from Polstitches again, this IS my favourite fabric.

Last week I got a new neighbour too! On a tree right next to my window, there's a small birdhouse and I saw a little blue tit flying there few times, carrying some nest mats. I haven't seen her now but I hope she is inside the nest now ^^

26 Apr 2012

Fresh Watermelon - Finished!

I finally finished "Fresh watermelon" by Little House Needleworks! I started to stitch it on January as a part of CrazyJanuaryChallenge. I stitched quite a lot back then and NO idea why I didn't finish it too. It was such a pleasure to stitch, I love the colours on it. Plus Jobelan is my fave fabric. I can imagine me stitching this again :)
I did a mistake though. One of the dark green leaves (the one at the bottom) is one row lower than it should be. But it doesn't bother me really, so I left it like that.

Also.. ahem.. I got more fabric *blush* But but.. these are small pieces! I had never ordered from Polstitches so I decided to buy a grab bag from them to see how the fabrics look like. I got them today.. I LOVE them! I have never ever had fabric that soft! I got two pieces of 28ct Jobelan and one piece of 28ct opal linen. All are 9x13. Those Jobelans are soooo soft! And they all smell damn good too :D I read about the scent but this was obviously the first time I had their fabric and noticed the smell too :) I didn't wanna get linen, so I think they accidentally put one piece of linen there but it's fine as the linen is opal and oooh, so, so beautiful!

From left to right:

Heavens Above, Rain Forest and Sky High. Oooh, pretty!! :))

23 Apr 2012

Changed the layout

As you might notice, I changed the layout of the blog. I also changed the language to English as it was rather weird that some parts were in English (cause I changed them) but some were still in Finnish (the dates for example). Should be easier for everyone now, I hope. I also love brown colour so that's why the colour is this :)

Now off to stitch some more!

22 Apr 2012

The Scent of Old Roses

Yesterday I continued stitching one of my old UFOs: "the Scent of Old Roses" by Mirabilia. I started stitching her back in 2006/7 or something. I didn't stitch much anything though as back then I had serious issues stitching something for a long time lol. So, yesterday was time to get few more stitches on her. Sadly I didn't take a picture of her before I started again. But I stitched some of the grey on top and the brown part at the bottom yesterday. The fabric is Silkweaver's "Blueberry delight" on 16ct aida. I love that fabric colour! Might need to change my FOTM list and add that on lugana on it :)

The fabric is not as purple though. It's more blue than purple although it does have some purple on it here and there. Very beautiful fabric :)

While I was stitching her I felt a bit bad that I wasn't stitching any of my CJC-projects. So after a while I changed to "Fresh Watermelon" by Little House Needleworks. You might remember it from January..? I was enjoying stitching it but for some reason I changed to something else and forgot that cute little design :( But now it also got more stitches and I will stitch more after this post!