Crazy January Challenge 2012

1. Victorian Charm (kit by Sunset)

2.  Fresh watermelon (LHN)  FINISHED

3.  Daisy Lane Cottage (LHN)

4. the Blossom Harvets (Mirabilia)

5.  Always welcome (Kit and Bixby)

6.  Snowman '10 (Lizzie Kate)

7.  Autumn in my garden (Mirabilia)

8.  Kitchen sampler (Quick and Easy Cross stitch, issue 125, DMC)

9. Deers (Maxxina, issue 9)

10. Trick or treat by Joan Elliot (Quick and Easy Stitch and Craft, issue 157)

11. Loved you yesterday (Cross Stitch Gold)

12. Nefertiti (Lanarte)

13. Spring ABCs (Lizzie Kate)   FINISHED

14. Follow your heart (Lizzie Kate)   FINISHED

15. The Snowcapped trees (Cross stitch and needlework)