17 Jul 2012

Card for my cousin

My mum asked me to make a card for my cousin's Confirmation. I had no idea what kind of card I should make and I didn't have anything religious that I could use for it.. So I decided to make a card with flowers as those are good for anything :) Colours suit for a guy and it's not too colourful. Me likes :) Mum liked too, don't know about the cousin lol

I should go through the pics I took during our trip to see those two churches and shopping trip on Ikea and Ideapark. I have been lazy.. I've been thinking about stitching a lot though even though I haven't stitched :D I would LOVE to get the Lizzie Kate Mystery sampler.. I have seen how the part one looks and I like it.

I have also made couple small designs myself. I need to re-check the colours and stitch it to see if it's any good. Not yet though, I need to finish four CJC-pieces! No, I didn't forget that ;)

I should buy white evenweave (Jobelan, mostly) so I could do some dyeing again. I bought dark colour as I would like to dye a piece for Mirabilia's Archangel and brown will be perfect for him :) Soon, maybe!


  1. Oh, I'm sure he loved it! The card is beautiful.

  2. Anonymous20/7/12 02:12


    Just found your blog.
    I love your card, it's so pretty!

  3. Thanks you both and hi Belle, thanks for following my blog too :)