3 May 2012

Travelling pattern

I was reading a blog few days ago and she had a travelling pattern on her hands. I understood that there's a pattern that travels and everyone should stitch it more or less quickly so the pattern can be sent to the next person on the list. But how does it work? How do you start one? How do you join one? Can you join a travelling pattern when it's travelling or do you have to sign up for it before it leaves home? Will the original owner get the pattern back one day? Questions, questions.. Anyone knows more about this..? :)


  1. Kai saan kommentoida suomeksi? :) Minä olen katsellut ainakin joidenkin suunnittelijoiden laittaneen tuollaisia kiertäviä malleja liikkeelle. Niissä on varmaan eri käytäntöjä - ihan kuinka sovitaan? Ainakin joskus näkemässäni tapauksessa sai aina kulloisellekin pistelijälle ilmoittautua seuraavaksi (eli kuka nyt ensin ehtii huutaa "hep"), ja pistelijä lähetti sitten mallin hänelle, kun oli saanut sen itse pisteltyä.
    Varmaan siinä voisi valmiskin kiertolista olla, ja jonkinmoinen aikataulukin?
    Tarkemmin en tiedä, kun en ole itse osallistunut.

  2. Anonymous3/5/12 14:06

    Hi Hely

    You've asked the questions I wanted to know about! I'm not sure about it either.

  3. How it starts....not to sure but I would think that anyone could announce that they have a pattern that they'd like to travel. From what I gather, when the person with the pattern is done with it, they post on their blog that it's up for grabs - same like a give-away actually :) Normally you'd comment to say you'd like to stand a chance to get it, and then the current holder of the pattern will have a draw and announce where it's going next. There isn't really a need to sign up anywhere, just follow the pattern to the next person's blog and when it comes up you can put your name back in the hat....if that makes sense :) The only condition that I've seen is that you've got to promise to pass it along once you're done and you cannot keep it for months - it's a case of stitch it up as fast as possible then pass it along. There's a few of them out in blogland

  4. I think Thoeria is right. Anyone can start a traveling pattern, but I wouldn't hold my breath on getting it back. I love following it, and seeing the different colors & fabric each new stitcher choses.

  5. Saa kommentoida suomeksi :) Niin minä kans ajattelin, että malli laitetaan liikkeelle ja eri blogeissa saa sen sitten bongata ja huutaa hep jos itselleen sen tahtoo.
    Kiitoksia vastauksesta ^^

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments and info! :)
    I thought it might be like that, but wasn't completely sure.

    I have a pattern that I might make a travelling pattern. However, I need to stitch it first, too! :D It would be so great to see others stitching it too and see all those different fabrics :)

  7. I'll be closely watching this blog to see what traveling pattern will come up:-)
    Have a happy cross stitch weekend!