9 Jun 2012

Fabric dyeing

I wanted to dye some fabric again. Sadly I only had some 14ct cream aida and only one tiny piece of Jobelan. But it didn't stop me!

The colours are not exactly true, most colours look darker in pictures and not as bright as they are. Although one colour looked a lot lighter in pics.. hmm.. First I played with blue and lilac colours. Here are the results.

This fabric was 14ct cream aida (about 17x20), It's blue with lilac areas here and there. I like it a lot! :) I wanna stitch something on it, right now!

I also dyed some small pieces.

This one is actually a bit darker colour in real. I like it, even though I didn't mean to have those light spots.

Two tiny pieces, again they are darker in real.  I used same blue and lilac colours on all these, just changed the amount of colour and combinations :)

Next I tried red. First on a small piece.

Now this picture is BAD! It's not this pink, it's more like a peach coloured. I liked it a lot, so wanted to dye a bigger piece which would be the same colour.

No. It's not the same colour :D This picture is actually very close to the real colour. Even though it's not what I was after, I do like it a lot and I already know what I am gonna stitch on it! You'll see later ;)

The next day I wanted to try green! I love green and esp. on fabrics. I had two 20x22 pieces of 14ct cream aida and one piece of antique white jobelan (28ct, 13x18). Results..

Me likes! NO! Me loves!! The colour is more to a lime green. It's not this dark. No matter what I did, I couldn't take a pic which would show the real colour :( However, it looks damn nice in real and I can't wait to stitch something on this/these!

Here's the second one. They look almost the same. I dyed the Jobelan last and the amount of colour is the same on it, however, it is a bit brigter and darker in colour than aida. I love it and I wanna stitch a pixie on it :) Hmm.. then again, not sure if the fabric is big enough?

I love those greens! It's such a shame you can't see the real colour. I think I try to take a new pics later as I would like you to see how bright the colours are!

I wanna buy more white fabric so I can dye more. I also need to get brown dye as I need brown fabric for Mirabilia's Archangel. And brown is another favourite colour of mine :)


  1. Hely, a bit behind in reading blogs...the colors of your fabric are absolutely wonderful. What did you dye them with? I think the green looks so great! Stitching on them must be a real treat:-)

  2. I can't wait to stitch on these! I used Dylon-dye to dye them. It's a powder dye and I think rather easy to use. Soon I'll get some brown too as I need more colours :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment :) I am also a bit behind reading the blogs