26 Apr 2012

Fresh Watermelon - Finished!

I finally finished "Fresh watermelon" by Little House Needleworks! I started to stitch it on January as a part of CrazyJanuaryChallenge. I stitched quite a lot back then and NO idea why I didn't finish it too. It was such a pleasure to stitch, I love the colours on it. Plus Jobelan is my fave fabric. I can imagine me stitching this again :)
I did a mistake though. One of the dark green leaves (the one at the bottom) is one row lower than it should be. But it doesn't bother me really, so I left it like that.

Also.. ahem.. I got more fabric *blush* But but.. these are small pieces! I had never ordered from Polstitches so I decided to buy a grab bag from them to see how the fabrics look like. I got them today.. I LOVE them! I have never ever had fabric that soft! I got two pieces of 28ct Jobelan and one piece of 28ct opal linen. All are 9x13. Those Jobelans are soooo soft! And they all smell damn good too :D I read about the scent but this was obviously the first time I had their fabric and noticed the smell too :) I didn't wanna get linen, so I think they accidentally put one piece of linen there but it's fine as the linen is opal and oooh, so, so beautiful!

From left to right:

Heavens Above, Rain Forest and Sky High. Oooh, pretty!! :))


  1. Anonymous26/4/12 17:13

    Hello Hely

    Fresh Watermelon is a lovely finish!

    Those fabric grab bags look great - you got lovely colours!

  2. Anonymous26/4/12 19:56

    Hello Hely

    Just wanted to say thanks for the advice on why my laptop overheated.

  3. The watermelon looks so good! I really get the feeling of its flavor just by looking at your stitching! But my god, I'll have to sit on my hands the rest of the evening to make sure I won't go to polstitches and order some fabric:-)

  4. Congrats on the finish and the fabric colors are yummy.


  5. Congrats on finishing Watermelon. So pretty!

    Oh, I love Polstitches fabric. Every single one is so lovely :) Enjoy!


  6. Love your finish! I would've never noticed that teensy mistake. I just recently discovered Little House and Country Cottage myself. Love them!

    Your Polstitches are fabulous fabbies! I am now a Polstitches crack addict. Welcome to the dark side. ;-)

  7. Karen, I also discovered LHN and CCN myself last year. I fell in love :)

    haha, thanks! I am sure I enjoy being on the dark side. Polstitches' fabrics are so soft, I really love them.

    Milly, you're welcome! I hope it helped :)

    Thanks everyone for the comments :))