3 Sep 2012

Signs of Autumn - Bent Creek

Here's what I started yesterday. I didn't stitch that much, but it's a start! I am even sure I will finish it today or tomorrow. It's a small, nice chart of Autumn :)

I used DMC as I don't have any other threads. One of these days when I place another order on 123stitch I should buy some specialty threads. I wanna try them too! Well I have tried them, I once got two nice specialty threads as a gift. Pink and purple. I did try them both and I liked them :)

Anyways, here's the pic! The fabric is 28ct Jobelan (Cameo).

I was watching a new series yesterday. It's called "Alcatraz". It was really interesting. I had to check it from imdb and I noticed there's only one season and it seems there won't be more :( I hate when this happens with series I seem to like! I liked FlashForward a lot and they only made one season cause it didn't have enough people watching it. Also, one of the best series ever, Firefly only had like 13 episodes. That was really, really sad.. >:(

On saturday I was baking! I made some bread and buns. Bread is already gone! I liked it a lot, so I ate it all. I think I might bake more on wednesday, perhaps. Buns are good too, but I try not to eat too much of them as I don't want to get fat. I just managed to lose 3kgs! lol

Back to stitching now oh and I need to craft somehting nice today for the "Anything but a card"-challenge. The theme now is: Anything goes! Can't wait :))


  1. That's a nice Autumn themed start! Baking sounds wonderful. I can just imagine the smell of your bread and buns!

  2. Hello Hely !

    September is here and we can enjoy sitting inside at the sofa and watching our favourite tv series :)
    Your Bent Creek WIP willbe cute when finished :)