25 Jan 2013

Quick update

Hey all!

I am at my parents at the moment. They are on a holiday and I am looking after the cat. Their internet is not working for some reason.. So, I can't really update my blog with pics at all. I have been stitching a bear which is my part of my RR. I will add a pic of it as soon as I can :)

I also stitched the Joy ornament for a while. I have a little problem with it though. It has half stitches and cross stitches. I stitched the half stitches the same way I would stitch my first stitch of cross stitches: from bottom left to upper right corner. But as there won't be another stitch on top of them.. they are kinda wrong one. And it looks a bit messy.. So I am wondering which to unpick: half stitches or cross stitches. There's less cross stitches so that might be easier, however, do I remember to stitch "wrong"? I don't mean there's a wrong way to stitch, but for me it would be kinda wrong.. *sigh* oh well.. not the biggest problem of mine lol

I hope everyone is having nice time with their stitching :)

13 Jan 2013

Turtle trot 2013

I joined a Turtle trot 2013 and you can read more about it here or on my Turtle trot page which you can find on the right.

So, for this I need thirteen (13) UFOs. That's not a problem at all! Sadly lol. I have lots of UFOs although not as many as some people have. I have heard rumours of over 60 UFOs! Most of my chosen UFOs are from last year's Crazy January Challenge. I started 15 new ones and I think I finished maybe three of them? Anyways, not enough! This is a good way, I hope, to continue stitching those projects. Although I am sure I will start new ones too every now and then.

Here are my thirteen UFOs, names and pics. Most have only the stitches on them that I managed to stitch lat January, lol.

1. Autumn in my Garden (Mirabilia)
I would love to finish this soon and my goal is to finish this before December!

2. Loved you yesterday (Gold-magazine, can't remember the designer atm)
Again something I would like to finish soon. The pattern is beautiful with two blue love birds and a lovely text (Loved you yesterday, Love you still, always have, always will). 

3. Always Welcome (Kit and Bixby)
A beautiful house! I love houses.I love this pattern. I wanna finish this one soon too, lol. Surprise :P

4. Oriental cranes (Joan Elliott)
Yes, I love this pattern too but I also LOVE the fabric. It's by Polstitches and it is amazingly soft and nice to stitch on. Plus the colours are pretty amazing for the pattern too. Yes, I do wanna continue stitching this soon too. *sigh*

5. Victorian Charm (Sunset)
This is a kit by Sunset. I got this years ago. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I still love it very much. However, I find it a bit tricky to stitch on dark blue aida, especially now that it's winter! So I think I will be stitching this one during the summer. Wish me luck!

6. Daisy Lane Cottage (LHN)
Lousy start :D I do like LHN patterns, but this is not my favourite one. I am not in a hurry to stitch this although, ofcourse, I do plan to stitch it this year too. Or at least put few stitches on it :P

7. Nefertiti (Lanarte)
Even though this is stitched on linen, I do like it. I even bought a frame for her already (last year) and for her pal, Tutankhamon. 

8. Joy ornament (Dimensions)
This is a new one that I started on November. Or December.. Not sure. It's a small ornament kit by Dimensions. Not that big, so I think as soon as I start stitching it, it will be fast finished. I hope ;)

9. Southwest Mesa (Sunset)
This is something that I might not finish for a loooong, long time. A kit by Sunset or maybe Dimensions. Well it's a same company anyways. Lots of tricky colour combinations and stitching with 4 strands, doing half stitches etc. I started this years ago when I wasn't that experienced stitcher yet. Bad choice back then. But I do like the kit.

10. Butterfly and clematis (Sunset)
I bought this kit years ago as well. Planned to stitch it for my mother but got this far.. lol

11. Zebra (DMC by Pollyanna Pickering)
I am not quite sure why this is an UFO. I stitched it this far pretty quickly!

12. Winter watch (Dimensions)
Old kit as well. It's a pretty tiger and it has some specialty ribbon too! For the snow around him.

13. Witch (Joan Elliott)
I guess this will be the first one to be finished as it is already this far! The biggest reason I haven't finished it yet is the round robin I joined last year. As I only seemed to stitch those (as I didn't stitch that much).

So, lots to do! But can't wait :) Enjoy Turtle trot 2013!

8 Jan 2013

Round Robin 2012

I got my round robin back home last week. My theme was wildanimals and oh joy! I got nice animals coming back home :) Thank you everyone who participated (Outi, Mia, Kaisa, Jaana and Tarja)! Only one animal missing and that's mine.. I finally decided what I will stitch on it! Yay! :) But I know you wanna see the pic now and not after I have finished my piece too, right?? :D

Aren't they cute and awesome??? The fabric is by Sparklies and it's 28ct Lugana. Colour is Barely Bronzed.

On this picture you can see a cow that I stitched for aaaages. It was for Outi's RR and she was very patient with me :)

What next? Well.. I decided to join Theme-a-licious this year and also Turtle trot 2013. You can read more about those from my pages (on the right). There should be links to both blogs, at least I hope so! If not, I do need to change it..

First theme was flowers, gardens etc. I do have some on my turtle-list but not sure if I feel like stitching them (LOL). I was actually thinking to stitch a small flower freebie-kit which came with Cross Stitcher few years ago. It's by amazing Sheila Hudson. I have started it and I changed the fabric (yellow aida to green lugana) Hmm.. ye, I think I might continue stitching that. But not today, as soon, it's Downton Abbey time, whoooo!!!

Have a nice evening/day! :)

5 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I haven't updated my blog for ages. I have been busy and I haven't been busy lol. I didn't stitch that much so I really didn't have much to show.

Christmas was nice, my fiance was here and I got nice presents. No stitching presents though, but it's fine, I can buy those myself!

Round robin is now finished. I finished my last part late though. I will send the RR back home on monday. I don't have picture of it yet though, I will add it after I have sent it to her. However, here's picture of the previous RR part. Theme was teacups and I loved it!

The pattern is from an old Cross Stitcher-magazine. Well not THAT old, couple years perhaps? I thought it's really nice and would love to stitch this for myself too.

I made one stitched Christmascard this year! Whoo! Usually I don't stitch any cards, but use all kind of paper and embellishments. But this was for a special family :) (my future in-laws)

Here's also a picture of a card I made for my friend. She wanted me to make a card for her friend, who graduated. She gave me free hands BUT! I had to add a fruit fly. What a nice challenge! I loved making this card and she was happy with the results. Yay! :)

More pics later!

Crazy January Challenge 2013 started again on 1st January. I was first planning to join, but then I realised that I haven't finished most of the crazies that I started last year. So hell no! I won't start 15 new ones and end up having 100+ WIPs one day. I will just continue stitching my WIPs and start something new every now and then. I would love to set some goals though so I could finish more this year.. Hmm need to think about that a bit more. Maybe there's a new Themealicious this year? I have to check that. Missed the one last year..

Now I am off to stitch! I got my own RR home last week. I didn't stitch my part on that yet, but now I finally know what to stitch. So I will be stitching that and as soon as I am done, I will post a picture of the entire RR.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)