Me and cross stitching

I decided to make a page of me and cross stitching. Meaning I'll tell here about my favourites, dislikes and so on. I keep updating it and adding more.


Designer: SODA, Sheila Hudson, Little House Needlework, Lizzie Kate, Joan Elliott, Dimensions, Pollyanna Pickering, Jayne Netley Mayhew
Theme: animals, ladies, houses, kitchen related, some flowers ( I used to hate stitching flowers btw!), pumpkins, autumn, trees
Fabric: 28ct Jobelan and Lugana, hand dyed fabrics
Colour: in stitching I like any colour really, however blue is my least favourite (in stitching and everything) also I seem to like yellow and orange in stitching but not in anything else. Red is always a good colour, no matter what


Fabric: 14ct white aida! I will stitch on aida as I still have lots of it, however, white aida is just UGH!
Colour: well, I don't hate any colour, yet the blue is my least favourite, usually
Theme: patterns that are supposed to look too realistic (mainly patterns made of photos), patriotic designs