28 Jun 2012

Stitching and decisions

Hello everyone! :)

I hope everyone is having a great time.

I'm still stitching my part of my own round robin. I am missing two colours (eek!) and not sure if I will get them on time. As the mailing day is next monday. Oh well, I need to finish my stitching when it arrives back home after six months.

While I was having a walk earlier today, I was thinking about my stitching. I was thinking my WIPs and UFOs and patterns that I would like to stitch. The list was HUGE! So I made a decision. I am NOT gonna start any new designs before I have finished at least four (4) CJC-projects. Yup.. Wish me luck and strenght! I really need to finish something instead of just starting new ones. I had that problem before I had a break from stitching. I just kept starting and starting new ones and not finishing much..Ofcourse I do need to start new ones for the round robin, but that's fine as I do need to do my share! :D

I made a list of four stitchings that I will finish before any new ones:

1. Daisy Lane Cottage by Little House Needleworks
2. Snowman by Lizzie Kate
3. Trick or treat by Joan Elliott
4. The Snowcapped trees (forgot the designer, need to check it later)

Pictures of these can be seen on my CJC2012-page.

I really hope I manage to finish these and not to start anything new. However, I can and will stitch other WIPs and UFOs too, esp. Mirabilia's "the Scent of Old Roses" as I joined a UFO challenge (on a Finnish blog), where we are supposed to finish one UFO before 30th December. We'll make a blog post of our progress every month, I think usually 30th day of the month. I have done little progress on her already :)

Next January I will join CJC again. Yes, I am crazy! :D However, I will only choose small patterns which I am able to stitch rather quickly. So that I can continue with this year's crazies and I can keep stitching other things too :)


  1. Hi Hely, I'm sure you'll get those 4 CJC projects finished. I'm looking forward to next year too! Happy Stitching!

  2. I know what you mean about all the WIPs and UFOs, I have put a stop to buying anything new until I complete some of the old stuff up first.
    Happy Stitching

  3. Hi Hely!

    I tagged you! Here's the link: http://chiccrafting.blogspot.com/2012/07/tagged-times-two.html

    Please keep it going!

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments :)

    It seems it's good to stop starting and buying anything new until you have finished something. At least it motivates me a lot :)

    Thanks McKenna! I'll post that tomorrow :))