2 Nov 2012

I'm still here! :)

I am still here and stitching! :) I haven't blogged for a while though, mostly cause I have been busy elsewhere and I think I also didn't have much to blog about until now.

I have couple finishes! Yay for that :)

This one is my part of the RR which's theme was "Newton's Law". I do like NL however this one cause me lots of headache lol. I wasn't happy with the colours as I don't have Anchor but DMC so I had to use DMC and it's really not the same using those.. So I changed the colours and started stitching. Didn't look too good. So I frogged it all. I tried other colours.. I wasn't happy again, so more frogging. Finally I decided to use the DMC colours given on the chart. It looks ok,but I am not completely happy with it. The two browns used on the teddy are too close to each other. Both colours are also a bit too close to the colour of the fabric. Also cause I was already annoyed cause of the problems with the colours, the backstitching caused more headache :P I usually like backstitching a lot, but here the stitches go through the cross stitches, are only half a stitch long etc. Pain, at least now. But I was able to finish it and it looks ok :)

Next one is teacups (RR) and I am really enjoying stitching it.

I also participated an exchange. It was Halloween themed. Even though we Finns really don't celebrate Halloween, I still kinda like all those nice patterns with pumkins and stuff. Also as my fiancé is English, and English do have such a thing as Halloween, there's now a very good reason for me to start stitching those nice patterns! ;)

Here's what I stitched for my partner.

I really love this! I must stitch for myself as well. The pattern is from a magazine (World of Cross Stitching) and it's by Joan Elliott. I love her designs, eps smaller ones, not huge fan of the fairies and such.

I have been stitching a bit of my "laptop"-project too. I have this next to my laptop, so whenever I am having a boring moment on WoW, I can stitch this. As you can see, not many boring moments so far..

I have been able to put few stitches on my UFO too. I joined a group on Facebook, which is dedicated to UFO's. The stitching day is every Wednesday.

Finally, a pic of my shopping! I bought two kits from Dimensions. I love them both and I wish to have them finished before Christmas! Good luck to me :P Both kits have a word "Joy" and I have a thing for kits/patterns which include that word ;)

So as mentioned earlier, at the moment I am stitching a teacup for the next round robin piece. After that it's cows and that will be the last piece! I should get my wild animals home at the end of the month :)

Have a lovely November everyone and hopefully, I will blog again soon :)


  1. I think the teddy is cute! I can't wait to see your tea cup. :)


  2. Great stitching on all your pieces. I love the Joan Elliott one.


  3. Plenty of lovely stitching! NL is adorable, Mii xx

  4. This is a great update! Your little Halloween piece is adorable!

  5. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments <3