23 Sep 2012

A very old UFO and a small CJC2012 piece

I have to many WIPs and UFOs. When I wanna stitch, I spent lots of time to decide what to stitch! Esp. if the piece I wanna stitch is a no. I wanted to stitch the autumn by Bent Creek but I noticed I am missing two colours! The list says I do have them both, but I can't find them.. So, I can't stitch and finish that piece now. But I did NEED a small piece.. wonder why?

Well, as some of you might know, I play World of Warcraft. I have been leveling my priest's profession: Archaeology. Now that's something that is quite boring! Most of the time you are just flying from place A to place B and again to place C and A :P So, while I was doing this, flying around, I was checking Facebook and newspapers etc. Until I realised something.. I should stitch while I am flying! Ha! So I needed a small project next to my laptop which I could pick up when I am having a boring moment on WoW (flying, waiting for an instance group etc.) I chose one of my CJC pieces: Snowman 10 by Lizzie Kate :) Yay! I am multitasking!  I haven't stitched really much yet, but at least something.

I LOVE L*K patterns! They are nice and small and yet, so colourful :) After I have finished this, I will choose another Lizzie Kate as my laptop project lol.

Let's talk about that old UFO. When I had started stitching back in.. 2003/4 (I can't remember when that happened, I THINK it was in 2004, at least my oldest Cross Stitcher-magazine is from that year) I saw Dimensions' kits somewhere. I fell in love! I ordered one and started it right away. However.. uhm.. I think I chose a bit too big project! And challening too! I soon got tired of it as it doesn't only use cross stitches or even half stitches, but also half stitches on four strands, when 1 strand is colour A and 3 strands are colour B. So, I gave up and it's been an UFO for a looong time now. I pick it up every now and then and do few stitches but for some reason, I always put it away after some time. But now I am not gonna do that! I will keep it in the living room, somewhere where I can always see it and it screams my name! Maybe one day, I am able to finish it. And when I do, I will have a giveaway! :D Don't hold your breath though..

Here's how it looks at the moment. Oh and the kit is called "Southwest Mesa"

Look at these lovely colours!

It should look like this when finished.

Lots to do, lots to do.. But I do enjoy it now :)

Also! I did some shopping few days ago.. From Dimensions again. I ordered two ornament kits which I plan to finish before Christmas. Wish me luck! I will post a pic of them when they arrive, they were mailed on Friday, whooo!!!

19 Sep 2012

TUSAL and update on autumn

Here's my update on both TUSAL (read more about it on my TUSAL-page on the right) and my "Signs of Autumn" by Bent Creek.

And here's the autumn-project. I haven't been stitching that much lately, that's why it's not finished yet even though it is rather small. I have been playing WoW a lot lately as the new expansion comes out next week! EEEK, exciting :))

I stitched the apples with DMC variagated (or however you write that word, never seem to get it right lol). It might be a bit too dark though.. I would like to stitch the pumpkin with an orange variegated too, but that I do need to buy first. Hmm maybe I should finish this today before I start watching CSI. So I could stitch something else again. Like my part of the Newton's Law- round robin! Almost forgot that :/ But soon I NEED to start stitching something christmassy ^^

12 Sep 2012

Anything but a card - Challenge one

I was thinking for quite some time what to do for the Anything but a card-challenge. As the first challenge was: anything goes! So I could do anything! I finally decided to make this little box. I could storage some tea there. The box template is actually from a teabox by Lipton.

Here's a pic of it :)

I am happy how it turned out. However, I might do little something on the cover, not sure yet. Need to let it be for few days and see if I still think that way.

3 Sep 2012

Signs of Autumn - Bent Creek

Here's what I started yesterday. I didn't stitch that much, but it's a start! I am even sure I will finish it today or tomorrow. It's a small, nice chart of Autumn :)

I used DMC as I don't have any other threads. One of these days when I place another order on 123stitch I should buy some specialty threads. I wanna try them too! Well I have tried them, I once got two nice specialty threads as a gift. Pink and purple. I did try them both and I liked them :)

Anyways, here's the pic! The fabric is 28ct Jobelan (Cameo).

I was watching a new series yesterday. It's called "Alcatraz". It was really interesting. I had to check it from imdb and I noticed there's only one season and it seems there won't be more :( I hate when this happens with series I seem to like! I liked FlashForward a lot and they only made one season cause it didn't have enough people watching it. Also, one of the best series ever, Firefly only had like 13 episodes. That was really, really sad.. >:(

On saturday I was baking! I made some bread and buns. Bread is already gone! I liked it a lot, so I ate it all. I think I might bake more on wednesday, perhaps. Buns are good too, but I try not to eat too much of them as I don't want to get fat. I just managed to lose 3kgs! lol

Back to stitching now oh and I need to craft somehting nice today for the "Anything but a card"-challenge. The theme now is: Anything goes! Can't wait :))

2 Sep 2012

It's September!

It's already September. I love autumn, all those colours! Even though it's getting darker and colder after summer, I don't mind. The colours cheer me up :) Plus I don't mind cold, I love winter and snow and Christmas!!! So yay! :)

However.. I went through my WIPs and UFOs as I wanted to stitch something autumn-related. I couldn't find anything! Ok, the witch kinda fits the theme, but it doesn't have those nice orange and brown colours! I am almost done with her and I know very well that I said I won't start anything new before I have finished at least four CJC projects. But I MUST start something. I need to stitch something that goes with my mood. I don't feel like stitching flowers or snow (not just yet) or whatever I have on my WIPs (lol). So.. I am sorry, everyone and myself too, I must start an autumn-themed project. Nothing big though. I want to finish it qite quickly so I won't feel too bad cause of a new start. I already know a pattern or two from my stash that I could start.. *giggles*

Now we all know just how bad I am. Yup.. but hey! I wanna enjoy stitching (and mostly I do enjoy it a lot) and now I feel like stitching with oranges and browns so let's do it! Rather than stitching something else and thinking about what I'd rather stitch at the moment.

I'll post pics as soon as I have something to show.

Have a lovely September everyone! :)