31 Aug 2012

Anything But a Card - blog

I found an interesting blog today. Here's the link..


As the name says: Anything but a card. They have bi-weekly challenges to encourage people to craft things, but no cards! :) I am looking forward it. They do have a giveaway there now as well.

I am curious how it's gonna go. I do all kind of crafts. I love to make cards but other things too so I am really looking forward this! I want to try different things and can't wait what I can come up with and what other people will craft, too!

Yay :)

29 Aug 2012

Round Robin - birds

Here's my part of Jaana's round robin. Her theme was birds. I loved her theme and I was actually considering it as well, but chose wild animals instead.

I stitched a bullfinch (punatulkku) which is one of my favourite birds. I love those little cuties :)

Next I can continue with the witch. But not today. Today I need to do lots of cleaning.. I just hate washing the dishes! Ugh.. But as there's no one else to do it, I have to. But more stitching tomorrow! :)

25 Aug 2012

TUSAL august


I know I am late with the TUSAL update. You can read more about TUSAL from the page I made for it on the right side.

Here's my jar. It's been eating quite nicely this time :)

15 Aug 2012

the Witch

I have made some progress on the Witch again. It feels so great to stitch again! I am really enjoying stitching her. I love the bright colours and the fabric is awesome too. After finishing this I would love to stitch another JE design, but I am not allowed to start anything before finishing those four CJC projects. Oh well, I will live :)

13 Aug 2012

I have done something, whooo!!


I've been bad and I haven't updated my blog for ages now.

My fiance was here and I also had a cold! Ugh.. I actually still have it, but getting better. Nose is not running 24/7 anymore, thank God!

Here's a picture of my part of Kaisa's Kitchen RR (round robin). I loved the colours on this one so that's why I chose this pattern.

Next theme is birds and I have already started stitching it. No pics of it yet though :)

I've also stitched my little Witch a bit. I hope to finish it soon as well.

My back is a lot better now, yay!! It's not 100% yet but getting there, soon I hope :) I hope everyone is doing well and you've been stitching a lot! I'll continue stitching the Witch today while watching tv. After my evening walk :)