12 Jul 2012

UFO update and RR

I forgot to post an update of the UFO I am supposed to be stitching! I said supposed to as I haven't been feeling well enough to do lots of stitching. Few stitches here and there.

I was able to stitch the light green area on the left and couple rows of brown on the bottom.

I didn't finish my part of my own round robin. Mostly cause of my back problems but also cause I didn't expect the lines I stitched to take so long! I even miscalculated.. lol, ofcourse. The fabric is "Barely Bronzed" by Sparklies. My theme is wild animals, so I chose brown colour for the frame.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures from a little trip I made with my mum last week. We like to go to see churches here in Finland. I took lots of pics of the two churches we went to see. I LOVED the first one we saw.. We also went to Ikea and Ideapark (big shopping centre) and I bought some scrapbooking mats! :) More about them tomorrow. :)


  1. Scent is going to be so pretty!

    I almost never get my own square on a round robin done before the mailing deadline.

    The fabby for your Wild Animals is lovely!

  2. I like the border for your RR. Did you use variegated brown floss? It will be fun to see all the wild animals when it is finished!

  3. Sorry to hear your back is affecting your stitching time. But at least you're trying.

  4. Yes, it is variegated floss by DMC. I can't remember the number at the moment, I have it somewhere though :)

    She is gonna look pretty when I finally get her done. Might take a while even though my goal is to finish her before january 2013. Ouch.. :D

    Thanks ladies for your comments!