28 May 2012

Sooo tired..

Hello there!

I am still alive even though I haven't updated my blog in few days.. weeks..?
I haven't done any stitching in past two weeks or so. My fiance was here for 10 days so I didn't do any stitching, however, I was thinking about stitches every now and then. And I was thinking about stitching a lot when I was driving back home from the airport :D

I didn't stitch yet though and not sure if I am gonna as I am so tired! ZzzZzzZzz.. I guess I need to keep thinking about stitching until tomorrow. Or I might go through my magazines to find a pattern for my round robin. I chose wild animals as a theme. Yay! :)

Now I need to watch Survivors and maybe, if I don't fall asleep soon, I might play some Diablo 3 in the evening.

I hope everyone is doing great and having fun stitching :)


  1. Anonymous28/5/12 18:33

    Hi Hely

    Hope you enjoyed your time with your fiance.
    Good luck with getting a bit more stitching time.

  2. I never stitch when I am tired, I may get a lot done, but I just have to rip it out afterwards due to all the mistakes.

  3. First you need to take a good rest and then you can stitch as much as you want...good to hear you had a great time with fiance!

  4. Asiat tärkeysjärjestykseen; kyllä sitä pistelyaikaa ja -voimia sit aina välillä löytyy :). Ihan hyvä tuo sun RR-aihe, on niin kiva, kun kaikki on erilaisia - tulee kiva kierros!

  5. Yeah, the reason why I didn't stitch (even though temped to do so!) was that I was sure I would do some frogging today lol