2 Sep 2012

It's September!

It's already September. I love autumn, all those colours! Even though it's getting darker and colder after summer, I don't mind. The colours cheer me up :) Plus I don't mind cold, I love winter and snow and Christmas!!! So yay! :)

However.. I went through my WIPs and UFOs as I wanted to stitch something autumn-related. I couldn't find anything! Ok, the witch kinda fits the theme, but it doesn't have those nice orange and brown colours! I am almost done with her and I know very well that I said I won't start anything new before I have finished at least four CJC projects. But I MUST start something. I need to stitch something that goes with my mood. I don't feel like stitching flowers or snow (not just yet) or whatever I have on my WIPs (lol). So.. I am sorry, everyone and myself too, I must start an autumn-themed project. Nothing big though. I want to finish it qite quickly so I won't feel too bad cause of a new start. I already know a pattern or two from my stash that I could start.. *giggles*

Now we all know just how bad I am. Yup.. but hey! I wanna enjoy stitching (and mostly I do enjoy it a lot) and now I feel like stitching with oranges and browns so let's do it! Rather than stitching something else and thinking about what I'd rather stitch at the moment.

I'll post pics as soon as I have something to show.

Have a lovely September everyone! :)

1 comment:

  1. Hello
    I'm Giovanna from Italy.
    Congratulations you make beautiful embroideries.
    I also adore September and autumn for the beautiful colors.
    I'll be back to visit your beautiful blog.
    :) ciao da Giovanna