19 Sep 2012

TUSAL and update on autumn

Here's my update on both TUSAL (read more about it on my TUSAL-page on the right) and my "Signs of Autumn" by Bent Creek.

And here's the autumn-project. I haven't been stitching that much lately, that's why it's not finished yet even though it is rather small. I have been playing WoW a lot lately as the new expansion comes out next week! EEEK, exciting :))

I stitched the apples with DMC variagated (or however you write that word, never seem to get it right lol). It might be a bit too dark though.. I would like to stitch the pumpkin with an orange variegated too, but that I do need to buy first. Hmm maybe I should finish this today before I start watching CSI. So I could stitch something else again. Like my part of the Newton's Law- round robin! Almost forgot that :/ But soon I NEED to start stitching something christmassy ^^


  1. That is very cute, Hely! I like the autumn colors.

  2. Lovely orts!

    Autumn is adorable. It is hard to stitch and watch CSI at the same time. :D

  3. Thank you ladies :)

    I agree Karen, I can't really stitch much when watching tv, but I try! :D Usually it's only few stitched during the breaks haha