9 May 2012

Busy week!

I don't have any pictures to show. I realised yesterday that it's Mother's day on Sunday and I have nothing to give to my mum! So I started stitching little something yesterday and I am gonna continue today. I should get it/them finished on time. I just hope I will find perfect frames for them, too!

On Monday I finally got a mail from BookDepository. I got a lovely book full of animal patterns. The book is "Mother and baby animals" by Pollyanna Pickering. There's so many patterns that I wanna start right now.

I've bee playing WoW too lately. I am trying to replace my pve tanking gear to pvp healing gear. Not easy as I have some pieces of healing gear and some tanking and I try to heal in battlegrounds. I do get some healing done, however, I do die damn easily. Also I am not that familiar with paladin healing yet. I always did pvp with my priest and shaman, both healers. But we plan to have a awesome arena team (again) with my fiancee, him being a DK and me a holy pala. We might form a 3ve team too with his friend who also happens to be a DK.

If you didn't understand anything about the WoW part, don't worry. Most people don't! :D But I wanted to write a bit about it as well as I do love playing WoW and maybe latern Diablo as well!


  1. Anonymous9/5/12 13:00

    Hello Hely

    i don't understand the WOW bit but it sounds like you really enjoy it.

    I love that book you just got, the designs are so detailed and life like.
    Good luck with your Mother's Day stitching hope you find the right frame.

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  3. Beautiful book. Going from Tank to healer thats a tough transition. It might be an idea to wait for MoP to come out as unually the quest gear in expansions is superior to existing gear. Also you might spend loads of time getting the gear only to have it quickly replaced. I'm a feral Druid and my OH is a frost DK. Both DPS characters. I'm trying to get the Argent Tournament mounts and get exhalted with Tol Barad but I'm rapidly getting sucked into Skyrim!

  4. Thanks Milly! I also hope I can find the right frames so I don't need to give her the pieces without any frames lol

    I was thinking about the same, about wow. If I should forget the gear as MoP is coming soon. But then again I will play before MoP and what else I would do? Level another alt maybe, lol. I have tons of alts.. So ye, its kinda waste of times as the first green item you get when the expansion comes, its a lot better than the old one. But like I said, I do play so.. hmm I might need to try to get rep too to get more new mounts and pets! :)

    1. Well I suppose so long as it is enjoyable it doesnt really matter if you spend time on grinding for gear. I need all valor point pieces to improve my stuff and that's too much effort for me to spend.