17 May 2012

I joined a Round Robin

I joined a Round Robin this week! I haven't done those for years now so it's really nice to be part of one again.

There's five of us and everyone will stitch a piece which is max 60x60 stitches. We all have our own themes. I am not 100% sure of my theme yet. I do have three options and I was thinking having them all so it would be easier for others to find patterns and to stitch what they enjoy stitching. However.. not sure if I should have just one or two instead.

First I was thinking about Joan Elliott. Then I started to think about love-theme cause of my engagement last month <3 and also England as a theme cause my fiancé is english. Choices, choices..

I think I'll go through my magazines (again!) to see what I will find. Oh and also need to decide the fabric/s. Maybe the fabric is gonna decide what I will stitch on it!


  1. Can't wait to see your round robin and what themes you choose.
    Congrats on your engagement last month!

  2. Huomasitko Ristipistoilijoiden blogista, että meitä olis yksi lisää, jos sullekin sopii? :)

  3. Thank you Milly :))