15 Aug 2012

the Witch

I have made some progress on the Witch again. It feels so great to stitch again! I am really enjoying stitching her. I love the bright colours and the fabric is awesome too. After finishing this I would love to stitch another JE design, but I am not allowed to start anything before finishing those four CJC projects. Oh well, I will live :)


  1. You really got a lot done in just a few days! I am looking forward to seeing your witch finished. She is so cute!

  2. Ihanan näköinen noidan alku. Taustakangas on pirtsakan väristä:) - Niina

  3. Anonymous24/8/12 17:06


    Just found your lovely blog.

    Your witch wip looks great.
    Happy weekend!
    Holly x

  4. Welcome here, Holly and thank you :)

    Thanks Debbie! I hope she will be finished soon. Been stitching a piece for round robin and after finishing that I can finish my lil' witch too!

    Kiitoksia Niina :) Tuo kangas sopii tuohon kyllä kuin nyrkki silmään :D