14 May 2012

Silkweaver FOTM arrived

Today I got my second shipment from Silkweavers. It was 28ct Lugana, "Iris Garden". I do love the colours but I am not huge fan of this. I don't like how mottled their fabrics are. I prefer more subtle dyeing. So I sent them email, again, about canceling my FOTM. I hope this time it also works.. lol

Now I need to find another FOTM that I wanna join. It's gonna be either Polstitches or Sparklies. Not sure yet :)


  1. It is a gorgeous piece though :) I see what you mean about the mottled though!

  2. Ooohhh Decisions, decisions...personally I'd go Sparklies...ummm no...Polstitches....ummm oh I don't know!

  3. I like the fabric, but you can not use it on all pieces I guess. I'm curious to see for which FOTM you will decide.

  4. Anonymous14/5/12 22:43

    I like it but I wouldn't know what to stitch on it.
    I'm also curious which FOTM you choose.

  5. I'm actually surprised about the mottling. Most people I've heard from (including myself) have been disappointed with the lack of mottling on SW pieces. (I really love your Iris Garden!)

    For my two-cents, I am loving my L/E monthly membership to Polstitches! Her fabbies are my absolute favorites now.

    Good luck deciding. :D

  6. I made the decision.. I chose Sparklies! However.. *eeek* I also gave Silkweaver one last chance. I was sending emails with one of the owners (I believe..) and he added a note to my wish list saying I want my fabrics less mottled. So we will see if it works as I do love their colours and combinations :) And yes, I won't be buying anything else than fabrics now :P lol