22 Apr 2012

The Scent of Old Roses

Yesterday I continued stitching one of my old UFOs: "the Scent of Old Roses" by Mirabilia. I started stitching her back in 2006/7 or something. I didn't stitch much anything though as back then I had serious issues stitching something for a long time lol. So, yesterday was time to get few more stitches on her. Sadly I didn't take a picture of her before I started again. But I stitched some of the grey on top and the brown part at the bottom yesterday. The fabric is Silkweaver's "Blueberry delight" on 16ct aida. I love that fabric colour! Might need to change my FOTM list and add that on lugana on it :)

The fabric is not as purple though. It's more blue than purple although it does have some purple on it here and there. Very beautiful fabric :)

While I was stitching her I felt a bit bad that I wasn't stitching any of my CJC-projects. So after a while I changed to "Fresh Watermelon" by Little House Needleworks. You might remember it from January..? I was enjoying stitching it but for some reason I changed to something else and forgot that cute little design :( But now it also got more stitches and I will stitch more after this post!


  1. Love the LHN Fresh Watermelon piece. Just right for summer-time.

  2. It is a great idea to work on an old WIP and also a CJC piece. Wonderful stitching!

  3. The fabric you're stitching Scent of Old Roses on certainly does look lovely. Can't wait to see more. Watermelon is coming along beautifully :)