21 Jun 2012

Amazing mailday :)

Hello everyone!

It was the last mailday this week, before Midsummer. I was expecting to get something but not all of these!

First, I bought two Little House Needleworks-patterns from a Facebook group where people can sell their unwanted stitching stuff (Finnish group). I got them today and whooo, I really love them both! They are "Bookshelf" and "Little House Neighborhood". I need to buy some nice coloured fabric though (or dye myself!) as I don't seem to have anything that would work with these. Or maybe my "bone" Jobelan could work.. Hmm..

I also got my order from Needlecraft Corner. Again some Little House Needleworks-patterns as well as three patterns by Country Cottage Needleworks and Lizzie Kate. LHN patterns are "Music and books" and "Home of a Needleworker". CCN patterns are: "Party Cakes", "Bee Joyful" and "Sheep in the meadonw". Lizzie Kate patterns are "Live Simply", "A bit of March" and "Welcome baby".

I also got my FOM from Sparklies yesterday. Here's a pic of the two fabrics that I got. The blue one is "Before the storm" and the light grey is "BST". I am not huge fan of the light grey one though.. It's kinda nice as it will work with lots of different patterns as it's light coloured. But then again it looks almost white. The blue one is really nice though :)

I got damn nice mail today (and yesterday too) but I also bought the newest Maxxina today. It didn't have as many must stitch-patterns this time, but some nice ones, still.

Oh and my amazing fiancé sent me two magaznes, too! I didn't expect these as I didn't know he had sent them to me <3 I was really happy to get them as we don't have these magazines here in Finland and I do like the Queen :))

I actually started to stitch some Jubilee stitching but as I have problems with my back every now and then (a lot sometimes) I can't always stitch as much as I want or not at all :/ meh..

I am not gonna buy anything else this month! Cause I also bought this today.. *giggles*

Fitfh season of Bones! I haven't seen it yet so I am really excited. I miss Booth and Brennan already, it's been ages since I saw season 4.

I am gonna watch an episode of Bones now, or maybe even two. After that I need to cook and hopefully, I could do some stitching today too! My back feels a bit better now. I also need to go out to have a walk today, my back loves it :)

Have a lovely day everyone *hugs*


  1. I love all your charts, fabric and goodies!!

  2. Thanks Heather :)

    I can't wait to be able to start them!