28 Jun 2012

Stitching and decisions

Hello everyone! :)

I hope everyone is having a great time.

I'm still stitching my part of my own round robin. I am missing two colours (eek!) and not sure if I will get them on time. As the mailing day is next monday. Oh well, I need to finish my stitching when it arrives back home after six months.

While I was having a walk earlier today, I was thinking about my stitching. I was thinking my WIPs and UFOs and patterns that I would like to stitch. The list was HUGE! So I made a decision. I am NOT gonna start any new designs before I have finished at least four (4) CJC-projects. Yup.. Wish me luck and strenght! I really need to finish something instead of just starting new ones. I had that problem before I had a break from stitching. I just kept starting and starting new ones and not finishing much..Ofcourse I do need to start new ones for the round robin, but that's fine as I do need to do my share! :D

I made a list of four stitchings that I will finish before any new ones:

1. Daisy Lane Cottage by Little House Needleworks
2. Snowman by Lizzie Kate
3. Trick or treat by Joan Elliott
4. The Snowcapped trees (forgot the designer, need to check it later)

Pictures of these can be seen on my CJC2012-page.

I really hope I manage to finish these and not to start anything new. However, I can and will stitch other WIPs and UFOs too, esp. Mirabilia's "the Scent of Old Roses" as I joined a UFO challenge (on a Finnish blog), where we are supposed to finish one UFO before 30th December. We'll make a blog post of our progress every month, I think usually 30th day of the month. I have done little progress on her already :)

Next January I will join CJC again. Yes, I am crazy! :D However, I will only choose small patterns which I am able to stitch rather quickly. So that I can continue with this year's crazies and I can keep stitching other things too :)

21 Jun 2012

Milly's giveaway

Milly is having a giveaway on her blog, here:


(why it has fi at the end? is the link working ok?)

She made an awesome Bunny who is looking for a new home! It's so cute, you NEED to check it and enter the giveaway as well :) It's also one of my favourite blogs.

Amazing mailday :)

Hello everyone!

It was the last mailday this week, before Midsummer. I was expecting to get something but not all of these!

First, I bought two Little House Needleworks-patterns from a Facebook group where people can sell their unwanted stitching stuff (Finnish group). I got them today and whooo, I really love them both! They are "Bookshelf" and "Little House Neighborhood". I need to buy some nice coloured fabric though (or dye myself!) as I don't seem to have anything that would work with these. Or maybe my "bone" Jobelan could work.. Hmm..

I also got my order from Needlecraft Corner. Again some Little House Needleworks-patterns as well as three patterns by Country Cottage Needleworks and Lizzie Kate. LHN patterns are "Music and books" and "Home of a Needleworker". CCN patterns are: "Party Cakes", "Bee Joyful" and "Sheep in the meadonw". Lizzie Kate patterns are "Live Simply", "A bit of March" and "Welcome baby".

I also got my FOM from Sparklies yesterday. Here's a pic of the two fabrics that I got. The blue one is "Before the storm" and the light grey is "BST". I am not huge fan of the light grey one though.. It's kinda nice as it will work with lots of different patterns as it's light coloured. But then again it looks almost white. The blue one is really nice though :)

I got damn nice mail today (and yesterday too) but I also bought the newest Maxxina today. It didn't have as many must stitch-patterns this time, but some nice ones, still.

Oh and my amazing fiancé sent me two magaznes, too! I didn't expect these as I didn't know he had sent them to me <3 I was really happy to get them as we don't have these magazines here in Finland and I do like the Queen :))

I actually started to stitch some Jubilee stitching but as I have problems with my back every now and then (a lot sometimes) I can't always stitch as much as I want or not at all :/ meh..

I am not gonna buy anything else this month! Cause I also bought this today.. *giggles*

Fitfh season of Bones! I haven't seen it yet so I am really excited. I miss Booth and Brennan already, it's been ages since I saw season 4.

I am gonna watch an episode of Bones now, or maybe even two. After that I need to cook and hopefully, I could do some stitching today too! My back feels a bit better now. I also need to go out to have a walk today, my back loves it :)

Have a lovely day everyone *hugs*

20 Jun 2012

Thoeria's giveaway

Thoeria is having a nice scrapbook-themed giveaway. So everyone who's interested of winning a digital scrapbook software, go here:


Good luck everyone! :)

19 Jun 2012

TUSAL 19th June

I missed last month's TUSAL (see the TUSAL-page of mine if you wanna know more about this) but oh well.. I was busy :)

It seems my jar has been eating more lately. It has. Mostly before May or during the May actually. My jar looks happy :)

10 Jun 2012

McKenna is having a mystery giveaway!

One of my favourite blogs is having a giveaway! :)

Here's a link to her blog.


Good luck everyone and Happy Blogoversary, McKenna!

9 Jun 2012

Fabric dyeing

I wanted to dye some fabric again. Sadly I only had some 14ct cream aida and only one tiny piece of Jobelan. But it didn't stop me!

The colours are not exactly true, most colours look darker in pictures and not as bright as they are. Although one colour looked a lot lighter in pics.. hmm.. First I played with blue and lilac colours. Here are the results.

This fabric was 14ct cream aida (about 17x20), It's blue with lilac areas here and there. I like it a lot! :) I wanna stitch something on it, right now!

I also dyed some small pieces.

This one is actually a bit darker colour in real. I like it, even though I didn't mean to have those light spots.

Two tiny pieces, again they are darker in real.  I used same blue and lilac colours on all these, just changed the amount of colour and combinations :)

Next I tried red. First on a small piece.

Now this picture is BAD! It's not this pink, it's more like a peach coloured. I liked it a lot, so wanted to dye a bigger piece which would be the same colour.

No. It's not the same colour :D This picture is actually very close to the real colour. Even though it's not what I was after, I do like it a lot and I already know what I am gonna stitch on it! You'll see later ;)

The next day I wanted to try green! I love green and esp. on fabrics. I had two 20x22 pieces of 14ct cream aida and one piece of antique white jobelan (28ct, 13x18). Results..

Me likes! NO! Me loves!! The colour is more to a lime green. It's not this dark. No matter what I did, I couldn't take a pic which would show the real colour :( However, it looks damn nice in real and I can't wait to stitch something on this/these!

Here's the second one. They look almost the same. I dyed the Jobelan last and the amount of colour is the same on it, however, it is a bit brigter and darker in colour than aida. I love it and I wanna stitch a pixie on it :) Hmm.. then again, not sure if the fabric is big enough?

I love those greens! It's such a shame you can't see the real colour. I think I try to take a new pics later as I would like you to see how bright the colours are!

I wanna buy more white fabric so I can dye more. I also need to get brown dye as I need brown fabric for Mirabilia's Archangel. And brown is another favourite colour of mine :)

1 Jun 2012

Giveaway on another blog :)

Here's a giveaway which is gonna close today. I only found it now, but you still have time to enter it :) Good luck everyone!