2 Jan 2012

I'm back again!

And I'm back updating my blog. I was at home for the holidays, but my amazing boyfriend was here so I didn't really open my laptop at all during the week.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

It's January now, which means that Crazy January Challenge 2012 has started. Eeek! haha. I am a bit terrified about it but also very excited. I also made little changes on the list during the holidays. I added more charts on the list as I received some new ones after Christmas. I don't have 31 starts as some people do, neither I have 15 now but 25 new starts. I might add some UFOs on the list after I have started all the new ones as I do have few waiting.. Hmm.. actually that's a damn good idea! :)

Here's the 1st day's results! (I haven't stitched anything today yet, gonna start soon, so gonna post a 2nd pic later, today or tomorrow)

This one is.. "Victorian Charm" by Sunset. And the pic is upside down, lol.

Not really sure which will be my 2nd one, I think I might choose one from Lizzie Kate as they are nice and small.. Then again it doesn't matter when you are starting them. Maybe I choose the one with the nicest fabric or just put my hand on the box where I have them and pick one randomly?

We'll see :)


  1. You could certainly make 25 into 31 projects and be in the Modified UCJC! Great start on your new piece!

  2. I did it!! hehehe I added some UFOs to my list and now I do have 31 pieces :) I am afraid of that but also very excited as I am sure this will courage me to stitch more and I'll be finishing lots of projects this year!