11 Jan 2012

Day 9 and 10

I didn't update my blog yesterday. So gonna post pic of my day 9 and day 1o starts today.

Day 9 start was Mirabilia's "Autumn in my garden". I really love that design even though I am not a gardener myself. In fact I am able to kill all the flowers, even cactus is not safe! Trust me, I have killed few of those too. So I have no flowers inside the house. I would love to have but.. well, they die eventually so no point.

I decided to stitch it on 14ct rustico aida (oatmeal). I chose aida before I stitched on evenweave and linen again. Plus as I said earlier, I stitch slower when working with evenweave and I was scared to change the fabric to something else in case it will become an UFO cause of the fabric. So I stick with the fabric I chosed for it in the first place. And now I am thinking if I should change it after all.. It does look good to me BUT that fabric is really hard and itchy. My hands doesn't really like it.. So ofc I am now wondering if it will become an UFO cause of that.. *sigh* Not really sure what to do with it now..

Here's the pic.

Yesterday's start was "deers" from Maxxina-magazine. I got a nice fabric for it from Sew and So, kinda by accident. As the website said the fabric is beige but it's green. Light green and looks damn nice! It's marbled aida by DMC (called "Mountain sage" on their website, beige on sewandso). Didin't stitch much, but it's a start :)

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