25 Jan 2012

Bones and stitching

I haven't been stitching much lately. I did stitch a bit while watching tv last week but so far, I haven't done a single stitch this week. Might do that today while watching Bones (season 1). I just bought season 1 last week and finally got it yesterday (damn online shops, taking ages lol). I do have 4 seasons so far but I've only seen S1 and S2. I started to watch S3 last week, but as I didn't remember anything from S1 and S2, I decided to start to watch them from the beginning.

I have couple pics to show you. "Always welcome" and "Nefertiti".

Yesterday I bought issue 90 of "Cross stitch gold" cause of the chinese lanterns! I saw them on the previous issue and I knew I want no, I NEED to stitch them. I also got my first subsribed issue of "Cross stitch and needlework" wohoo!! I have some random issues but this was the first magazine that was subscribed :)) I really love that magazine and already found charts I wanna stitch. So the Must stitch-list is getting longer and longer.. lol

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