17 Apr 2012

New stash!

Finally on my birthday I received the kit which I ordered on February. It t0ok over a month to get it, however I'm glad I eventually got it on my hands. I saw that kit somewhere couple years ago and since then I've wanted to have it. So here it is, "Little kisses" by JCA.

I also got nice hand dyed fabrics! On my last post I mentioned Sparklies and I was waiting for my order from her. Here's a pic of the two amazing fabrics that I got. Both are Lugana, green one (Sunlit forest) is 32ct and yellow (Lemon and lime) is 28ct. Both looked quite a lot different than in pictures, but I know how difficult it is to take a picture of hand dyed fabrics, so I don't mind they don't look exactly the same. Plus I really love lemon and lime colours, so it's better it's not as light coloured as on the website! Sunlit forest looked more blueish on the website and I wish it would be more blue. Still, I like the green too :)

I joined Silkweaver's FOTM (fabric of the month) again after few years. I received my first package last week. I chose to receive 28ct Lugana only. Size will always be 18x27. My first fabric was Days gone by. It's a really beautiful fabric and I failed to take a good picture of it. But here it is. It's not as dark as it seems to be in the pic. It's more like light sand with some with on it. Now it looks a bit grey which it isn't.

Now I'm waiting for a parcel from Sparklies again. LOL, yes! I won two piece of fabric from her Easter sale on Facebook. Hopefully I'll get them this week. Exciting!


  1. You did well on the stash enhancement part:-) happy for you you finally found the kit you wanted. Your fabrics look gorgeous! I especially like the silkweaver color.So delicate. Enjoy stitching on the new fabrics!

  2. Anonymous17/4/12 12:14


    I love your new kit, it's very sweet!

    The fabric is really pretty and will make any project special.

    Congratulations on winning more fabric from Sparklies.

  3. What gorgeous stash! Can't wait to see what you'll stitch on the fabric.

  4. Oh I love the kit! Those fabrics are gorgeous too. :)


  5. Hello Hely!

    What a sweet picture on your kit and the fabrics are so beautifull!!!

  6. Your new fabric looks great! I'm glad you finally got the kit you have been waiting so long for! It is adorable.

  7. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :)

    I'm itching to start the kit even though I have way too many WIPs and UFOs waiting lol

  8. Hello :) Thank you very much for your pictures of your fabrics !! I wanted to buy a lemon & lime fabric, and wanted to check its colours, so i'm very grateful :)
    Kind regards