27 Mar 2012

waiting, waiting ...

No stitching lately. Oh wait, I did stitch a bit! I started to stitch a little fox-kit that came free with the newest Cross Stitcher. I have no pic of that as it's really small area that I managed to stitch.

I ordered some hand dyed fabric yesterday! I was planning to wait for couple weeks for it to arrive but today already I got a note that it's ready to ship! huh.. that's damn fast :)) Where did I order it from? Well, I have never ordered from her before this, so I can't say how the fabric is like but the service is damn great! I emailed to her a while ago and she replied really quick. So.. I think I dare to say that Sparklies is the place to go! :)) I'll take pics of the fabrics as soon as I have them, ofc.

I'm also waiting a kit to arrive and a magazine, too. "Cross stitch and needlework" magazine should have arrived already as it was posted about a month ago. I left a comment about it on their FB page and if I don't get it this week, I'll just send them email directly.

And the kit.. ugh, it just makes me a bit annoyed. I ordered it from a place that I have used once before, ages ago. I can't remember how quick they were back then. I orderd the kit last month and my credit card was charged 20th Feb. It's 27th March now and nothing so far.. They did say on their website that it might take up to 21 days to get the goodies and since I don't like in UK, I thought it might take longer. BUT what annoys me the most is that my card was charged over a month ago. It's just.. can't they charged it when they are actually ready to ship the item, rather than few days after ordering and a month before shipping? :P Again, if I am not getting it this week, I'll be sending an email asking about it.

What else.. ooh.. I have a birthday this week!! EEEEEK! I'm gonna be 30 on thursday! No panic attack though, I had an agecrisis when I had my 27th birthday lol. But it's still kinda weird. 30 years old. Just yesterday I was 19! huh.. time goes fast..

I think I'll do some stithcing now, maybe I'll stitch the little New Year's Fairy by Nora Corbett..? :)


  1. Happy 30th birthday!

  2. Anonymous28/3/12 21:11

    Hello Hely

    I hope all your goodies arrive soon!
    Happy birthday for Thursday.

    Happy stitching.

  3. Thank you Debbie and Milly :)
    Time flies..eeek :D