18 Apr 2012

Witchy progress

I've finally done some stitchin after weeeeeeks break! Yay! :) Not much though but at least little something. I stitched Joan Elliott's Witch which I started to stitch during CJC on January.

Yesterday I also received my two fabric from Sparklies. Here's a picture of them. They look a litte darker in the picture than what they are in real. Yet, I like them both a lot. The green one is 9x13 and the flesh colour is 18x27. I'm gonna stitch a Joan Elliott's "may all your weeds be wildflowers" on the green one.


  1. Great progress on the witch! I love the fabric too!


  2. Anonymous18/4/12 22:03


    Lovely progress on your project, the fabric colour is great.

    Those two fabrics are just so pretty.

  3. Beautiful stitching, Hely. You've made good progress. Those fabrics are yummy!


  4. I decided to finish the witch before I continue stitching my other wips or starting new ones. It's difficult though as I bought one of my favourite stitching magazines today and it has lots of nice patterns! lol

  5. The colors of your fabrics is beautiful! and your witch is coming along nicely. What color are you stitching her on? And what magazine has nice patterns? That way I don't have to study them all first in the shop where they carry them:-)

  6. The fabric is Silkweaver's "Inferno". It is a bit more orange than it looks on the picture. Not as red.

    The magazine I bought is german stitching magazine "Maxxina". I'll add some pics of it now :)