19 Apr 2012

Maxxina number 13

I was very happy today to notice that one of my favourite magazines had a new issue on the shops. Yay! Plus it had lots of nice patterns on it. Here's some pics :)

"Somebunny to love" on the cover. I am not a fan of cute stuff, however, these bunnies are just something I can't really resist! :D

Animals by Anchor. I like this a lot. I don't have Anchor threads though so need to change them to DMC. Me likes animals :)

I saw this one as a kit years ago but never bought it. So I was extremely happy to see this on this issue! Whoo! This is by Permin.

Ah, lovely! This is also by Anchor so need to change the colours to DMC. I hope the finished piece will look the same and the colours are not too different. I am thinking about stitching this on Silkweaver's "Rock-a-bye" linen which I've had for several years now.

I'm not huge fan of roses, but this pattern looks really nice. It's Eva Rosenstand's.

The magazine got other patterns too, lots of them. But these were the one I wanna stitch, one day.


  1. Anonymous19/4/12 22:40


    What a lovely magazine, there's some lovely projects in it.
    i love Somebunny too!

  2. Such a wonderful magazine! I love the Permin sheep picture and the birds and flowers. They will be wonderful to stitch!

  3. That's a great magazine! I've been thinking about subscribing to one, but I can't pick which one. :P


  4. I love the magazine as well. So happy we can buy it here in Finland. The magazine is German and I don't understand a word of it, but as long as I can read the charts, I'm happy :)

  5. McKenna, I am also planning to subscribe a magazine. I'm thinking about Cross Stitch Collection, perhaps. Through Zinio though, so it won't be printed version. Which is kinda.. meh.. but it's a lot cheaper and I like to spent money on fabrics too, not only magazines ;) lol

  6. Ihastuttavia malleja. Varsinkin tuo lintu ja ruusu työ:) Toivottavasti saat ne joskus pisteltyä. Piipahdan sitten ihailemaan.

  7. Pumpuliina, toivon todellakin, että saan ne joskus pisteltyä. Tuo lintu-malli on aivan ihana ja melkein jo aloitin sen pistely, mutta sitten muistin kaikki tammikuussa aloittamani työt ja päätin pistellä niitä ja aloittaa tämän sitten joskus.