28 May 2012

Sooo tired..

Hello there!

I am still alive even though I haven't updated my blog in few days.. weeks..?
I haven't done any stitching in past two weeks or so. My fiance was here for 10 days so I didn't do any stitching, however, I was thinking about stitches every now and then. And I was thinking about stitching a lot when I was driving back home from the airport :D

I didn't stitch yet though and not sure if I am gonna as I am so tired! ZzzZzzZzz.. I guess I need to keep thinking about stitching until tomorrow. Or I might go through my magazines to find a pattern for my round robin. I chose wild animals as a theme. Yay! :)

Now I need to watch Survivors and maybe, if I don't fall asleep soon, I might play some Diablo 3 in the evening.

I hope everyone is doing great and having fun stitching :)

17 May 2012

I joined a Round Robin

I joined a Round Robin this week! I haven't done those for years now so it's really nice to be part of one again.

There's five of us and everyone will stitch a piece which is max 60x60 stitches. We all have our own themes. I am not 100% sure of my theme yet. I do have three options and I was thinking having them all so it would be easier for others to find patterns and to stitch what they enjoy stitching. However.. not sure if I should have just one or two instead.

First I was thinking about Joan Elliott. Then I started to think about love-theme cause of my engagement last month <3 and also England as a theme cause my fiancé is english. Choices, choices..

I think I'll go through my magazines (again!) to see what I will find. Oh and also need to decide the fabric/s. Maybe the fabric is gonna decide what I will stitch on it!

14 May 2012

Silkweaver FOTM arrived

Today I got my second shipment from Silkweavers. It was 28ct Lugana, "Iris Garden". I do love the colours but I am not huge fan of this. I don't like how mottled their fabrics are. I prefer more subtle dyeing. So I sent them email, again, about canceling my FOTM. I hope this time it also works.. lol

Now I need to find another FOTM that I wanna join. It's gonna be either Polstitches or Sparklies. Not sure yet :)

Mother's Day gift

I finished only one gift for my mother. I was planning to stitch two but as I couldn't find the perfect frames I chose to do just one instead. I was trying to find frames for ages but no luck! I needed a square frame and it was impossible to find square frames. I don't live in a huge city but yet, we do have lots of shops here but none of them had square frames.

But.. then the day before Mother's day I went to my parents. I found some frames from there which I bought like 8 years ago. And there were TWO square frames that were PERFECT! I was so happy! I framed the stitching and decided to do the 2nd one later. Here's a picture of it.

I haven't started stitching the second one just yet. I would like to continue stitching the cranes now.

9 May 2012

Busy week!

I don't have any pictures to show. I realised yesterday that it's Mother's day on Sunday and I have nothing to give to my mum! So I started stitching little something yesterday and I am gonna continue today. I should get it/them finished on time. I just hope I will find perfect frames for them, too!

On Monday I finally got a mail from BookDepository. I got a lovely book full of animal patterns. The book is "Mother and baby animals" by Pollyanna Pickering. There's so many patterns that I wanna start right now.

I've bee playing WoW too lately. I am trying to replace my pve tanking gear to pvp healing gear. Not easy as I have some pieces of healing gear and some tanking and I try to heal in battlegrounds. I do get some healing done, however, I do die damn easily. Also I am not that familiar with paladin healing yet. I always did pvp with my priest and shaman, both healers. But we plan to have a awesome arena team (again) with my fiancee, him being a DK and me a holy pala. We might form a 3ve team too with his friend who also happens to be a DK.

If you didn't understand anything about the WoW part, don't worry. Most people don't! :D But I wanted to write a bit about it as well as I do love playing WoW and maybe latern Diablo as well!

3 May 2012

Travelling pattern

I was reading a blog few days ago and she had a travelling pattern on her hands. I understood that there's a pattern that travels and everyone should stitch it more or less quickly so the pattern can be sent to the next person on the list. But how does it work? How do you start one? How do you join one? Can you join a travelling pattern when it's travelling or do you have to sign up for it before it leaves home? Will the original owner get the pattern back one day? Questions, questions.. Anyone knows more about this..? :)

1 May 2012

Oriental cranes

After I received my fabric from Polstitches I got the urge to start something new. I really love the fabric as it's so soft! Colours are lovely too. So I decided to go through my stitching magazines to find something nice for "Heavens above" or "Rain forest". After a while I found a chart by Joan Elliott which I have been wanting to stitch for years now. And "Heavens above" is just PERFECT for that pattern. yay!

So I started to stitch "Oriental cranes" by Joan Elliott last week. Its from Cross Stitcher (UK) and issue is.. 178. I haven't stitched that much as A) I am a slow stitcher and B) the day after I started it I had to go away for a weekend. Went to see my friends whom I haven't seen for months so it was worth it. I had such a great time with them, as always :)

I read from the magazine that two cranes represent long marriage. Ah, how I loved that as.. *drums* I got engaged earlier this month!! How exciting! <3 So this one is gonna be perfect! :)

I started by stitching the bamboo frames first. I really enjoy stitching this as the fabric is so, so soft! I can't believe how nice it is to stitch. I will definately buy from Polstitches again, this IS my favourite fabric.

Last week I got a new neighbour too! On a tree right next to my window, there's a small birdhouse and I saw a little blue tit flying there few times, carrying some nest mats. I haven't seen her now but I hope she is inside the nest now ^^