13 Jan 2013

Turtle trot 2013

I joined a Turtle trot 2013 and you can read more about it here or on my Turtle trot page which you can find on the right.

So, for this I need thirteen (13) UFOs. That's not a problem at all! Sadly lol. I have lots of UFOs although not as many as some people have. I have heard rumours of over 60 UFOs! Most of my chosen UFOs are from last year's Crazy January Challenge. I started 15 new ones and I think I finished maybe three of them? Anyways, not enough! This is a good way, I hope, to continue stitching those projects. Although I am sure I will start new ones too every now and then.

Here are my thirteen UFOs, names and pics. Most have only the stitches on them that I managed to stitch lat January, lol.

1. Autumn in my Garden (Mirabilia)
I would love to finish this soon and my goal is to finish this before December!

2. Loved you yesterday (Gold-magazine, can't remember the designer atm)
Again something I would like to finish soon. The pattern is beautiful with two blue love birds and a lovely text (Loved you yesterday, Love you still, always have, always will). 

3. Always Welcome (Kit and Bixby)
A beautiful house! I love houses.I love this pattern. I wanna finish this one soon too, lol. Surprise :P

4. Oriental cranes (Joan Elliott)
Yes, I love this pattern too but I also LOVE the fabric. It's by Polstitches and it is amazingly soft and nice to stitch on. Plus the colours are pretty amazing for the pattern too. Yes, I do wanna continue stitching this soon too. *sigh*

5. Victorian Charm (Sunset)
This is a kit by Sunset. I got this years ago. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I still love it very much. However, I find it a bit tricky to stitch on dark blue aida, especially now that it's winter! So I think I will be stitching this one during the summer. Wish me luck!

6. Daisy Lane Cottage (LHN)
Lousy start :D I do like LHN patterns, but this is not my favourite one. I am not in a hurry to stitch this although, ofcourse, I do plan to stitch it this year too. Or at least put few stitches on it :P

7. Nefertiti (Lanarte)
Even though this is stitched on linen, I do like it. I even bought a frame for her already (last year) and for her pal, Tutankhamon. 

8. Joy ornament (Dimensions)
This is a new one that I started on November. Or December.. Not sure. It's a small ornament kit by Dimensions. Not that big, so I think as soon as I start stitching it, it will be fast finished. I hope ;)

9. Southwest Mesa (Sunset)
This is something that I might not finish for a loooong, long time. A kit by Sunset or maybe Dimensions. Well it's a same company anyways. Lots of tricky colour combinations and stitching with 4 strands, doing half stitches etc. I started this years ago when I wasn't that experienced stitcher yet. Bad choice back then. But I do like the kit.

10. Butterfly and clematis (Sunset)
I bought this kit years ago as well. Planned to stitch it for my mother but got this far.. lol

11. Zebra (DMC by Pollyanna Pickering)
I am not quite sure why this is an UFO. I stitched it this far pretty quickly!

12. Winter watch (Dimensions)
Old kit as well. It's a pretty tiger and it has some specialty ribbon too! For the snow around him.

13. Witch (Joan Elliott)
I guess this will be the first one to be finished as it is already this far! The biggest reason I haven't finished it yet is the round robin I joined last year. As I only seemed to stitch those (as I didn't stitch that much).

So, lots to do! But can't wait :) Enjoy Turtle trot 2013!


  1. Lovely projects there. I look forward to seeing your progress on them.

  2. Plenty to keep you busy! Nice designs :)

  3. There are some really lovely designs there. I love the fabric on the bottom one - gorgeous!

  4. Oh my God, good luck!Happy New Year!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Lots of lovely projects there for the turtle trot, looking forward to seeing them progress. I think the turtle trot will suit me better than the crazy challenge.

  6. Great projects you picked for this SAL. I am also doing. Am very excited to see everybodys progress.


  7. Great projects! Good luck completing these, I'll look forward to the tiger especially. :)

  8. Oh this is a great Turtle Trot post! You have so many great fabrics on some of your projects. I can't wait to see which one you finish first!

  9. oh my! Thank you so much for all your comments ladies *hugs* I am speechless :) Thank you!

  10. Those are great projects! I see why you like the Polstitches fabric, it looks sumptuous! I put a white towel on my lap when I stitch dark fabrics, so the holes show up better..maybe that would help poor Victorian come out before summer? I look forward to seeing your progress!

  11. great projects look forward to seeing them finished. I know I have tons to finish from last year's crazy Jan too lol