5 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I haven't updated my blog for ages. I have been busy and I haven't been busy lol. I didn't stitch that much so I really didn't have much to show.

Christmas was nice, my fiance was here and I got nice presents. No stitching presents though, but it's fine, I can buy those myself!

Round robin is now finished. I finished my last part late though. I will send the RR back home on monday. I don't have picture of it yet though, I will add it after I have sent it to her. However, here's picture of the previous RR part. Theme was teacups and I loved it!

The pattern is from an old Cross Stitcher-magazine. Well not THAT old, couple years perhaps? I thought it's really nice and would love to stitch this for myself too.

I made one stitched Christmascard this year! Whoo! Usually I don't stitch any cards, but use all kind of paper and embellishments. But this was for a special family :) (my future in-laws)

Here's also a picture of a card I made for my friend. She wanted me to make a card for her friend, who graduated. She gave me free hands BUT! I had to add a fruit fly. What a nice challenge! I loved making this card and she was happy with the results. Yay! :)

More pics later!

Crazy January Challenge 2013 started again on 1st January. I was first planning to join, but then I realised that I haven't finished most of the crazies that I started last year. So hell no! I won't start 15 new ones and end up having 100+ WIPs one day. I will just continue stitching my WIPs and start something new every now and then. I would love to set some goals though so I could finish more this year.. Hmm need to think about that a bit more. Maybe there's a new Themealicious this year? I have to check that. Missed the one last year..

Now I am off to stitch! I got my own RR home last week. I didn't stitch my part on that yet, but now I finally know what to stitch. So I will be stitching that and as soon as I am done, I will post a picture of the entire RR.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


  1. Happy new year! Is the card in Finnish?AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Hey!
    Yes, I completely forgot that! It is in Finnish, it says "Iloista Joulua" which means "Merry Christmas".

  3. Love the Cup of Tea stitching! So sweet! Happy New Year!

  4. Lovely finish and the cards look great. I have to ask though...why a fruit fly?

    Oh...and yes....there is a Theme-a-licious again this year ;)


  5. Even though you're not in the CJC again this year, I'll still be watching your progress on all your WIPs from last year! I have plenty of them myself! Your handmade cards are wonderful!

  6. Shebafudge: My friend is a researcher and her friend too. They work in a university and they both use fruit flies on their research. It was a challenge to do that, I eventually drew it as I didn't have a fly stamp!

    SoCal Debbie: Thank you! :) I noticed you joined CJC this year again! Can't wait to see your progress on it again :)
    Enjoy it!