25 Jan 2013

Quick update

Hey all!

I am at my parents at the moment. They are on a holiday and I am looking after the cat. Their internet is not working for some reason.. So, I can't really update my blog with pics at all. I have been stitching a bear which is my part of my RR. I will add a pic of it as soon as I can :)

I also stitched the Joy ornament for a while. I have a little problem with it though. It has half stitches and cross stitches. I stitched the half stitches the same way I would stitch my first stitch of cross stitches: from bottom left to upper right corner. But as there won't be another stitch on top of them.. they are kinda wrong one. And it looks a bit messy.. So I am wondering which to unpick: half stitches or cross stitches. There's less cross stitches so that might be easier, however, do I remember to stitch "wrong"? I don't mean there's a wrong way to stitch, but for me it would be kinda wrong.. *sigh* oh well.. not the biggest problem of mine lol

I hope everyone is having nice time with their stitching :)

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I don't mind that the half stitches are facing a different direction than the full crosses.