8 Jan 2013

Round Robin 2012

I got my round robin back home last week. My theme was wildanimals and oh joy! I got nice animals coming back home :) Thank you everyone who participated (Outi, Mia, Kaisa, Jaana and Tarja)! Only one animal missing and that's mine.. I finally decided what I will stitch on it! Yay! :) But I know you wanna see the pic now and not after I have finished my piece too, right?? :D

Aren't they cute and awesome??? The fabric is by Sparklies and it's 28ct Lugana. Colour is Barely Bronzed.

On this picture you can see a cow that I stitched for aaaages. It was for Outi's RR and she was very patient with me :)

What next? Well.. I decided to join Theme-a-licious this year and also Turtle trot 2013. You can read more about those from my pages (on the right). There should be links to both blogs, at least I hope so! If not, I do need to change it..

First theme was flowers, gardens etc. I do have some on my turtle-list but not sure if I feel like stitching them (LOL). I was actually thinking to stitch a small flower freebie-kit which came with Cross Stitcher few years ago. It's by amazing Sheila Hudson. I have started it and I changed the fabric (yellow aida to green lugana) Hmm.. ye, I think I might continue stitching that. But not today, as soon, it's Downton Abbey time, whoooo!!!

Have a nice evening/day! :)


  1. Your cow looks very nice! I can't wait to see what wild animal you stitch for your final square.

  2. Wow, I love your cow! It's not something I'd stitch but it looks so cute :D The final piece to a lovely project!

  3. Thank you ladies :)