23 Mar 2012

Pictures, something to show to you :)

I still haven't stitched anything really. I've been watching Roswell again after many years. I used to watch that when I was a teen. I have them now on DVD and decided to watch them again.

But here's some pics for you. New, old, WIPS, UFOs..

This one is Nora Corbett's Poppy pixie. I didn't even remember starting it! *embarassed* So now that I found her again, I need to continue stitching even though not sure if I like the fabric or not.

Second picture is my CJC-project. I am not sure if I posted this picture already or not, I think I didn't. It's Joan Elliott's Witch. My progress so far.

I started to stitch this flower aaaages ago or at least it feels like that. It's a sweetpea by Ellen Mauer-Stroh and I'm using hand dyed aida (14ct) by Sugar Maple Fabrics. Can't remember the colour, but I'm sure I have it somewhere.. will let you know later! I haven't finished it yet, but it's not really missing much lol. I planned to stitch 4 flowers (there's 12 in total) on a same piece of fabric and I'd make it into a pillow. One day..

Hopefully I can update some of my WIPs soon :)


  1. Beautiful stitching, Hely. Love the fabric for Joan Elliot's Witch. Such bold colours!


  2. Thank you ladies!

    I like the fabric a lot too, Veronica. I hope it looks stunning with it's finished :)

  3. Your three WIPs are beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing more!