20 Feb 2017

Almost four years later..

Hello everyone!

Oh my.. It's been ages since I last posted here. Lots of things have happened but I am still stitching! I have to admit I kinda forgot I had this blog, oops. Just recently I started to think about bloggin again and I realised I have this blog. BUT! I forgot what it was called and had no idea about the password either. Luckily, I am still using the same email so it was easy to recover the account. Yay! Maybe I will start posting here more again? I surely try at least.

So, yes I am still stitching. I am still making cards as well. I haven't done many ATCs for a while but I am tempted to do them. I just have to sit down and MAKE them. I have been knitting some, too. Socks, mostly. Although I am not a fast knitter nor I knit that much. But I do buy yarn LOL. I also got my very first sewing machine last year (or two years ago?) and been doing some sewing although again, I am not a master on that field either. I mainly sew small things like little ornaments and pillows.

I may post stuff about my other interests here too, such as movies, subscription boxes (nerdy stuff, mostly), books and games. Maybe a bit about writing as well? Who knows, I surely don't! I will write about things I feel like writing :)

I probably should do a post with some pics, to show what I have been doing recently (or not so recently LOL) but I guess I will make that a separate post so I can have different things on a different posts and not to have everything on the same, long one. Great!

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