26 Apr 2012

Fresh Watermelon - Finished!

I finally finished "Fresh watermelon" by Little House Needleworks! I started to stitch it on January as a part of CrazyJanuaryChallenge. I stitched quite a lot back then and NO idea why I didn't finish it too. It was such a pleasure to stitch, I love the colours on it. Plus Jobelan is my fave fabric. I can imagine me stitching this again :)
I did a mistake though. One of the dark green leaves (the one at the bottom) is one row lower than it should be. But it doesn't bother me really, so I left it like that.

Also.. ahem.. I got more fabric *blush* But but.. these are small pieces! I had never ordered from Polstitches so I decided to buy a grab bag from them to see how the fabrics look like. I got them today.. I LOVE them! I have never ever had fabric that soft! I got two pieces of 28ct Jobelan and one piece of 28ct opal linen. All are 9x13. Those Jobelans are soooo soft! And they all smell damn good too :D I read about the scent but this was obviously the first time I had their fabric and noticed the smell too :) I didn't wanna get linen, so I think they accidentally put one piece of linen there but it's fine as the linen is opal and oooh, so, so beautiful!

From left to right:

Heavens Above, Rain Forest and Sky High. Oooh, pretty!! :))

23 Apr 2012

Changed the layout

As you might notice, I changed the layout of the blog. I also changed the language to English as it was rather weird that some parts were in English (cause I changed them) but some were still in Finnish (the dates for example). Should be easier for everyone now, I hope. I also love brown colour so that's why the colour is this :)

Now off to stitch some more!

22 Apr 2012

The Scent of Old Roses

Yesterday I continued stitching one of my old UFOs: "the Scent of Old Roses" by Mirabilia. I started stitching her back in 2006/7 or something. I didn't stitch much anything though as back then I had serious issues stitching something for a long time lol. So, yesterday was time to get few more stitches on her. Sadly I didn't take a picture of her before I started again. But I stitched some of the grey on top and the brown part at the bottom yesterday. The fabric is Silkweaver's "Blueberry delight" on 16ct aida. I love that fabric colour! Might need to change my FOTM list and add that on lugana on it :)

The fabric is not as purple though. It's more blue than purple although it does have some purple on it here and there. Very beautiful fabric :)

While I was stitching her I felt a bit bad that I wasn't stitching any of my CJC-projects. So after a while I changed to "Fresh Watermelon" by Little House Needleworks. You might remember it from January..? I was enjoying stitching it but for some reason I changed to something else and forgot that cute little design :( But now it also got more stitches and I will stitch more after this post!

20 Apr 2012

TUSAL 20th April

This month my jar actually ate something! Just little green, lilac and black, but it's better than nothing :)

19 Apr 2012

Maxxina number 13

I was very happy today to notice that one of my favourite magazines had a new issue on the shops. Yay! Plus it had lots of nice patterns on it. Here's some pics :)

"Somebunny to love" on the cover. I am not a fan of cute stuff, however, these bunnies are just something I can't really resist! :D

Animals by Anchor. I like this a lot. I don't have Anchor threads though so need to change them to DMC. Me likes animals :)

I saw this one as a kit years ago but never bought it. So I was extremely happy to see this on this issue! Whoo! This is by Permin.

Ah, lovely! This is also by Anchor so need to change the colours to DMC. I hope the finished piece will look the same and the colours are not too different. I am thinking about stitching this on Silkweaver's "Rock-a-bye" linen which I've had for several years now.

I'm not huge fan of roses, but this pattern looks really nice. It's Eva Rosenstand's.

The magazine got other patterns too, lots of them. But these were the one I wanna stitch, one day.

18 Apr 2012

Witchy progress

I've finally done some stitchin after weeeeeeks break! Yay! :) Not much though but at least little something. I stitched Joan Elliott's Witch which I started to stitch during CJC on January.

Yesterday I also received my two fabric from Sparklies. Here's a picture of them. They look a litte darker in the picture than what they are in real. Yet, I like them both a lot. The green one is 9x13 and the flesh colour is 18x27. I'm gonna stitch a Joan Elliott's "may all your weeds be wildflowers" on the green one.

17 Apr 2012

New stash!

Finally on my birthday I received the kit which I ordered on February. It t0ok over a month to get it, however I'm glad I eventually got it on my hands. I saw that kit somewhere couple years ago and since then I've wanted to have it. So here it is, "Little kisses" by JCA.

I also got nice hand dyed fabrics! On my last post I mentioned Sparklies and I was waiting for my order from her. Here's a pic of the two amazing fabrics that I got. Both are Lugana, green one (Sunlit forest) is 32ct and yellow (Lemon and lime) is 28ct. Both looked quite a lot different than in pictures, but I know how difficult it is to take a picture of hand dyed fabrics, so I don't mind they don't look exactly the same. Plus I really love lemon and lime colours, so it's better it's not as light coloured as on the website! Sunlit forest looked more blueish on the website and I wish it would be more blue. Still, I like the green too :)

I joined Silkweaver's FOTM (fabric of the month) again after few years. I received my first package last week. I chose to receive 28ct Lugana only. Size will always be 18x27. My first fabric was Days gone by. It's a really beautiful fabric and I failed to take a good picture of it. But here it is. It's not as dark as it seems to be in the pic. It's more like light sand with some with on it. Now it looks a bit grey which it isn't.

Now I'm waiting for a parcel from Sparklies again. LOL, yes! I won two piece of fabric from her Easter sale on Facebook. Hopefully I'll get them this week. Exciting!